Unique Life At Blimbingsari Village

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Unique Life At Blimbingsari Village.

Well known as the island of thousand temples, it means that there are so many temples scattered on the island of Bali. In fact, there are almost in every house of Balinese. However, you will find another sights in Tabanan. A small unique village called Blimbingsari Village. 

 Communities in Blimbingsari Village

 If you are accustomed to seeing Balinese people come to the temple to worship, quite different view is seen in Blimbingsari Village. Here, you will find a lot of people adhering to Christianity. They live peacefully with existing regulations. This village features two churches with unique architecture as well. Those are the Pniel Church and Blimbingsari Church.

At a glance, the church building is very like a temple but with a large cross at the top of the church. Besides, you will not find a big bell in the church because the sign to call people to come to church does not use the bells as you generally see in most churches. The bells in this church are replaced with kulkul or kentongan and this kulkul is hung and placed in a special bale.

Well, the church in Blimbingsari village is considered as the oldest church in Bali. Most tourists come to the Village are interested in visiting Pneil Church and Blimbingsari Church because those are extraordinary sites. In fact, before the 1970s, this church was named the Church Temple by the villagers.

A typical Balinese atmosphere will be increasingly visible if you come when Christians worship in the church. All of them is wearing traditional Balinese clothes, both male (wear udeng) and female (wear Balinese kebaya). During the celebration of the big day, the people of Blimbingsari Village will install penjor (traditional bamboo decorations) in front of their homes. 

Blimbingsari village is situated in the Melaya sub-district, Tabanan Regency. You will easily find this village on the map. To make it easier to come to the location and get around, please do rent a vehicle because public transportation will only reach Blimbingsari Terminal and the access to the village can only be reached by renting a motorcycle taxi. Get a chance to interact with local residents to hear interesting stories about this village. Please remember to take care of cleanliness here and dispose the litter properly.