Wandering In The Beautiful Hills Of Heaven

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  • Dusun Nampo, Jungutan, Bebendem


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Wandering In The Beautiful Hills Of Heaven.

When we’re on vacation, surely everyone wants to be in the midst of the "heaven on earth". Because of that, usually, the visitors of Bali hope to feel and see the beauty of nature. Yup, fortunately, Bali has a ‘million’ of heaven! One of them is a tourist attraction called Bukit Surga (Heaven Hill). This tourist attraction is located in the Dusun Nampo, Jungutan, Bebendem, Karangasem, and is usually enlivened by domestic tourists.

When the holiday season arrives, this place can be filled by thousands of people. In addition to families who take their children on vacations, young people and their partners are also enliven the Hill of Heaven. Thanks to the beauty of its natural scenery, there are many visitors who have repeatedly visited this hill. The most preferred activity, of course, take a selfie and enjoy the fresh air in the middle of green hills. 

This one hill was deliberately named Bukit Surga, because the natural beauty is truly amazing like in heaven. In fact, the name is not derived from the manager! But from the visitors who have set foot on this hill. 

In 2016, this 2-hectare attraction was opened for the public. Although there are not many public facilities there, visitors are still willing to come to enjoy the natural panorama that soothes their eyes. From the top of the hill, you can see the beautiful green land just like a fluffy rug! Not only that, from the hill, you can also see the ocean clearly, namely the Lombok Strait, Nusa Penida Island, and Klungkung. 

Beautiful by day, charming by night. Yes, that's the right sentence to describe the Bukit Surga. Not the green of the trees and the blue of the ocean that will accompany you at night, but the sparkling lights of the residents of Amlapura City. Moreover, there are places available for camping. So, you can make a campfire while enjoying the sparkling stars and lighting. By the way, it's a good idea to wake up at 5 in the morning, so you can enjoy the sunrise in the cool air. 

Even though there are still no adequate public facilities, the manager of this place can help you provide some breakfast! So, you can just order some food to the manager according to the number of your group. After having breakfast, you can go on a trekking tour through several villages. Exciting right? If you plan to go to this place, don't forget to keep it clean!