Welcoming The Kokoan Flock In The Petulu Village

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  • Petulu, Ubud, Gianyar


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Welcoming The Kokoan Flock In The Petulu Village.

Awaiting dusk is usually spent on the beach or hill. However, there are other places that are just as interesting. One of the recommended places to visit is Petulu Village. This tourist village is located in the District of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali.

Petulu Village is inhabited by less than 200 families. In this beautiful area, the majority of the population works as farmers and craftsmen. To get to the Petulu Village, you will only spend 5 minutes from the center of Ubud. That means this village is easily accessible. Well, if you are around Ubud in the late afternoon, then come there. In this village there are complete facilities for tourists, you know! From simple ones such as parking lots, guides, restaurants and lodging.

You can welcome the evening by watching the Kokoan flock return to the nest. Kokoan birds or white storks usually leave the nest in the morning and return before dusk. When the Kokoan Bird flocks its wings and simultaneously sounds its voice, a warm afternoon atmosphere will be felt.

Tens of thousands of Kokoan birds from November to March arrive in the Village of Petulu. Local people believe that birds bring blessings to them. Petulu villagers also treat the flocks with special interest. In fact, there are special laws aimed at protecting these birds.

Residents have the Sekala Niskala regulation regarding the protection of the Kokoan birds. The Sekala rule that is obliged to be obeyed is that humans must not injure, hunt, and even drive the bird from the nest area. If there is a violation, they will be penalized. Whereas Niskala's rule, residents believe that the Kokoan Bird is the owner and guard of the temple.

Interestingly, while on vacation in the Petulu Village, you will feel the warm relationship between people: humans with nature and humans with the Creator. When is the best time to come and vacation in this tourist village? On a sunny afternoon between November and March!