Witnessing A Balinese Painting From The 18th Century At The Rudana Art Museum

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  • Jl Peliatan, Ubud


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Witnessing A Balinese Painting From The 18th Century At The Rudana Art Museum.

There are lots of tourist attractions that can be explored during your holiday in Bali. Waterfalls, beaches, hills, mountains, rice fields, they’re all yours. You can observe and admire the living spirit of this island community. Everything on this island deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated, including its local arts that have aesthetic value. In Balinese art, you can watch the life process of every era.

If you like art, you have to visit the Rudana Art Museum. This museum and art gallery is located in Kadewatan, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. It is not difficult to recognize this museum because there is a sign of the name of a fairly large building. If you enter the area of ​​Jalan Cok Pundak, then you will find a long fence with dense ornamental plants. It is quite high, but it’s easy to recognize these beautiful markers.

After arriving at the location, each visitor will be greeted with neatly arranged grass. Once entering the yard, there is a division like in a temple. Namely jaba sisi, jaba tengah, and jeroan. The museum is a building with two large pillars. On the shoulder of the stairs, there is a dragon statue with a crown. On its sides, there are stones signed on top of which have the inscription "Vrindavana, Glorifying Sincerity". The exhibition space has three floors with the concept of the Triangga building. The concept of Triangga building means human body parts, namely the head, body and legs. On the bottom and second floors, you can find modern art exhibition. There are paintings of maestros, both from Indonesia and foreign countries, such as Affandi, Basuki Abdullah, Soepono, Dullah, Nyoman Gunarsa, and so on, on this modern paintings floor. Well, while on the top floor, there are Balinese paintings from the 18th century. Those classic paintings have a different style, marked the area of ​​origin of the painter with distinctive characteristics.

This museum was founded by a collector, Nyoman Rudana. Based on his personal interest, he collected various patterns of paintings from Indonesia. The paintings on display are not for sale. This is also the philosophy held by the founder to appreciate the work of Nusantara artists. This museum also displays some paintings by foreign painters such as Antonio Blanco from Spain, Yuri Gorbachef from Russia, Iyama Tadayuki from Japan, and a painter from Kuwait, Jafar Islah.

Since it was founded in 1995, it is still visited by art enthusiasts and public in general. Interested in enjoying art in the form of paintings? Exactly, you’ll be satisfied if you decide to visit the Rudana Museum. Don't forget to follow the rules, like, it is forbidden to take pictures of the exhibited works. You can take pictures in the park or in front of the magnificent building that’s thick with Balinese ornaments.