Yeh Pikat Waterfall Ubud: A Mini Waterfall That Has Magical Power

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  • Desa Banjar Taro, Kecamatan Tegallalang


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Yeh Pikat Waterfall Ubud: A Mini Waterfall That Has Magical Power.

The natural beauty of Taro Tourism Village is indeed very charming. As one of the oldest villages in Bali, Taro Tourism Village has so many popular. Yeh Pikat Waterfall is one proof of the natural beauty that you can find when visiting the Taro Village in Gianyar. The freshness of the waterfall and its natural surroundings are guaranteed to make your holiday in Bali unforgettable.

Yeh Pikat Waterfall

The size of the waterfall is relatively small. The height is not more than 6 meters. Even so, this waterfall is often used as a place to take selfies. This mini waterfall flows from the two rock cliffs, so the scenery also looks unique. Especially for those who like photographing natural panoramas. With its clear water and a not-too-swift flow, you can play water safely. But swimming is not recommended, because the pool of water is shallow. Taking pictures or playing water is the right activity for you to do at Yeh Pikat Waterfall.

Not only as a recreational place for playing water or photo spots, Yeh Pikat Waterfall is also considered special and beneficial for the villagers. They believe that the water flowing from this waterfall can cure all kinds of diseases. It has even more benefits. The water is also often used for carrying out rituals and religious ceremonies of the local population. One tradition that often uses holy water from Yeh Pikat is for the cremation process.

In the rituals of the residents of Taro Village, before being cremated, the body is usually purified first by being bathed. This procession is called memanah. Well, the body was then taken and bathed in the flow of this waterfall. The procession went boisterous. Because when purification takes place, it is usually accompanied by traditional musical instruments, such as angklung and gong. When it has been purified in the Yeh Pikat river, the body to be cremated is considered sacred and ready to merge with Sang Hyang Widhi.

Another belief that grows in the midst of the village community regarding this waterfall is its magical power. This waterfall is a campuhan spring water, because Yeh Pikat is a meeting place between two rivers. The meeting point of the river flow is believed to be able to clean the negative elements in the human spirit and to create a positive energy. With all the great benefits it has, it's no wonder that the Yeh Pikat Waterfall has more than just an ordinary spring for the residents of Taro Village.

The location of Yeh Pikat Waterfall cannot be found on maps. But you can drive to Taro Village, Gianyar Regency. You can ask the residents around about the whereabouts of the waterfall. Before arriving at the waterfall, you will pass the Yeh Pikat River first. But you still have to walk a few meters to meet the rock cliff where the waterfall is located. Don't forget to keep your environment clean during your visit to the waterfall.