3 Art Studio Places To Learn Balinese Dance

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  • Sanggar Seni Kebo Iwa, Jln Dalung Br. Kwanji Kelod No 38 B Sempidi, Mengwi, Badung


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3 Art Studio Places To Learn Balinese Dance.

Watching Balinese dance may have become a holiday activity while you’re in Bali. But instead of watching them dance, what if you visit the dance studio? Then you can see directly the process of dancers who are practicing to perform. Not only that, but you can also try to learn about Balinese dance movements.

1. Kebo Iwa Art Studio 

Kebo Iwa is an art studio that has been established since 2010. This studio is quite famous because they produce the best dancers in Bali. They also often bring dancers for Balinese dance performances. This art-house teaches four Balinese dances, namely Joged Bumbung, Legong Lengkap, Legong Mini dan Penyembrahma. In addition to traditional Balinese dance, contemporary dances are also taught in this art studio. The existing contemporary dance is the result of compositions from reliable instructors who are experts in the field of dance. Dance instructors at the Kebo Iwa Art Studio are mostly graduated from the Denpasar Art Institute. The practice time is usually 120 minutes per session. People of all ages, from early ages to adults, can join this studio. You can visit the Kebo Iwa Art Studio at Jln Dalung Br. Kwanji Kelod No. 38 B Sempidi, Mengwi, Badung Regency. 

2. Sri Padma Studio 

The Sri Padma studio is incorporated in an art study called F Studio Life Art Bali. This studio only teaches Balinese dance for children, with a range of ages from 6 to 10 years. The dance instructor is the founder of Sanggar Sri Padma himself, who is indeed interested in preserving Balinese dance, assisted by several colleagues who also have a similar goal. Sri Padma's studio only teaches traditional Balinese dances and is certainly more varied. Such as Rejang Dewa Dance, Legong Lasem Dance, Puspanjali Dance, Pendet Dance, Cendrawasih Dance, Cilinaya Dance, Fisherman Dance, Sekar Jagat Dance, Oleg Tambulilingan Dance, Legong Kuntul Dance, Legong Jobog Dance, and Legong Kupu-Kupu Carum Dance. They usually practice on Sundays. Most of the time, the children of the dance studio perform during piodalan in the big Balinese temples. Sri Padma's studio is located at Jln Yudistira, Banjar Kalah, Peliatan, Ubud, Gianyar. 

3. Puri Agung Denpasar Studio 

Puri Agung Denpasar Studio is one of the famous studios in Denpasar. Sanggar Puri Agung Denpasar began to be built in 2013. Just like Sanggar Sri Padma, this dance studio was established to teach Balinese dance for children, especially basic dance. Basic dance is a dance in which all the Balinese dance moves are on the dance. The basic dances taught at the Puri Agung Denpasar Studio are Condong Dance and Legong Keraton Lasem Dance for girls and Baris Dance for boys. After following the basic dance, then students are introduced to other dances in accordance with the wishes of the group. Condong and Legong dances are trained every Wednesday and Thursday while Baris dances are trained every Monday and Thursday. The students are studying Balinese dance for free! This studio often collaborates with the Denpasar City Government in organizing various dance activities at the provincial level. Sanggar Puri Agung Denpasar is located at Jln Veteran No. 62, Denpasar Regency. 

What do you think? Are you interested? With a short study time you can already understand a little about the Balinese Dance movement. So, you’ll get a fun vacation, and also a lot of new knowledge about the Balinese dance.