Blahkiuh Campsite, Comfortable Camping In The Middle Of Nature

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  • Blahkiuh, Abiansemal


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Blahkiuh Campsite, Comfortable Camping In The Middle Of Nature.

Holidays in Bali are always fun and unforgettable. There are lots of activities that you can do, both with family, friends, and loved ones. For any place to stay, you can choose yourself. It can be adjusted to your budget, or it can also be in accordance with the theme of your vacation. In Bali, there are indeed many luxury hotels with complete facilities. However, if you have an adventurous spirit, there is also a place to set up a tent in the middle of nature. It’s called the Bianskiuh Abiansemal Campsite.

In this place, you can get a full-of-challenge-vacation facility in the midst of nature. So, Blahkiuh Campsite is the right place for you, nature lovers. The location is also calm and filled with fresh air because it is surrounded by lush trees and is far from the highway. So, there will be no noise of vehicles passing by.

Normally, this campsite is often filled with the implementation of Scouting and Youth Red Cross activities. However, Blahkiuh's Campground can also be used to carry out other activities. Like for example, office outings from various companies. Yes, this campsite is indeed wide enough to accommodate many people. So, many people choose this place for fun.

Not only useful for those of you who want to vacation and run away from the fatigue of big cities, but this campground also encourages the economy of the people around you know! The people who live around the Blahkiuh Abiansemal Campsite do have livelihoods as traders and farmers. So, with the large number of visitors who come there, then they can get additional income. You can enjoy food and drinks sold by them, as well as souvenirs to take home.

About the facilities, no need to ask! Even though it is located rather inside, the facilities offered by Blahkiuh Campground can provide maximum comfort for visitors. There is a swimming pool, public bath, tennis court, and restaurant. Although it’s famous as a place for camping, the local government also provides lodging. Therefore, for those of you who want to spend the night comfortably, you can book lodging in the campground area.

If you are interested, you can directly come to Blahkius Village, Abiansemal District. If departing from the city of Denpasar, you need to travel a distance of about 19 km. While there, you can also visit other exotic tourist attractions, such as Taman Ayun and Sangeh Forest.