Enjoy Afternoon Coffee On The West Coast Of Bali

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  • Pantai Canggu


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Enjoy Afternoon Coffee On The West Coast Of Bali.

Drinking coffee is not just a sip of caffeine, but a meaningful pleasure especially when done in a memorable place. In the southwest part of Bali, it is the right area to enjoy free time. Because there are beautiful beaches that offer views before the sun goes down.

If you are walking along the west coast of Bali, you can stop by for a sip of coffee. Where is the most pleasant place and offers a twilight? Canggu is a popular place to visit. On the beach, there are many restaurants. Canggu Beach is also known as a surfing spot. This means that there is a lot that can be done on this beach other than sitting around enjoying coffee. You can watch the surfer's attraction across the waves.

Not only in Canggu, along the coast with this beach, but there are also three other beaches, including Nelayan Beach, Batu Bolong, and Echo Beach. At Echo Beach, the atmosphere tends to be quiet when compared to Canggu Beach. While at Nelayan Beach, you can enjoy the dark-colored sand of the beach while relaxing enjoying Balinese coffee.

On Batu Bolong Beach stands a holy place, temple, or place of worship for Hindus. This beach is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Badung Regency. To reach this place, you can turn right before entering the Tanah Lot area. Batu Bolong is taken from a coral island that is visible from the beach, a rock with holes.

On the shores of the beaches above, you will find many surfboards on display for rent. There are also restaurants, bars, and coffee shops that serve both Balinese and Western-style dishes.

Enjoying a cup of coffee on the beach can be an alternative to drinking coffee at a coffee plantation in the Gianyar area. When in Bali, there are lots of leisure activities that can be done besides experiencing the natural beauty and cultural arts. Including a faint sip of bitter and sour in a cup of coffee.