An Extreme-Flavored Food In Bali, Dare To Try?

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An Extreme-Flavored Food In Bali, Dare To Try?.

In Bali, you can challenge yourself to explore the hidden attraction on this island. But not only that, you can also challenge yourself by trying unique and extreme culinary delights in Bali. What are these foods? Dare you try it? Let’s read the recommendations below.

1. Red Lawar

This unique red food is made from thinly sliced ​​boiled vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, young jackfruit, and long beans with pork. With a blend of Balinese base genep seasoning, making this food taste more tempting. At first glance, there is nothing strange in the bright red display. But, the red color in Lawar is made from fresh pork blood, you know! The use of pig blood as a food ingredient apparently has a close relationship with the religious values ​​adopted by the Balinese people. You can find this dish, both from street vendors to famous restaurants. Intrigued by the red bright taste? You can get this unique snack at Warung Lawar Kartika on Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kesiman Village, Denpasar.

2. Lawar Nyawan

In addition to the Red Lawar, there is the Lawar Nyawan. The basic ingredient of this lawar is a honeycomb that comes from the forest. It’s kinda weird to think that the sweet honeycomb will be our vegetable side dish. However, the taste isn’t as weird as you think. It’s unique and delicious! Honeycomb mixed with papaya leaves and cooked with a base genep spice will taste spicy and sweet on your tongue. The texture is crisp, so it will produce a tempting "crunchy" sound in every bite. You can taste the rare taste of Lawar Nyawan at Warung Dita located on Jln. Ahmad Yani, Denpasar. Apparently eating Lawar Nyawan, is proven to reduce blood pressure, you know.

3. Ceker Chips

If chicken feet are usually made into side dishes, in Bali chicken feet are processed into chips. The taste of a ceker (chicken feet), coupled with a special spice flour mixture, makes ceker chips as a favorite snack. You can use the ceker chips as an alternative souvenir to be brought home as well. You can get this snack at a typical Balinese souvenir shop, one of them at the Krisna Souvenir Shop in Bali.

4. Milk Satay

The name is indeed unique. But that does not mean these foods are made from milk. But from the milk glands of cattle. At first glance it does look like satay made from meat. But it feels different when eaten, because of the chewy texture of the cow's glands. You can only find Milk Satay during Ramadhan. Because Hindus-Balinese have abstinence from consuming beef, you can only find Milk Satay in Kampung Jawa in Desa Wanasari, Denpasar. During the month of Ramadan, there will be many street vendors selling food along Jln. Ahmad Yani (near Baiturrahmah Mosque). The right time to look for this snack is 16:00 WITA to 18:15 WITA or you won’t be able to get this food!