Balangan Beach: Exotic In The Daytime, Romantic At Night

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  • Ungasan Village, District Jimbaran


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Balangan Beach: Exotic In The Daytime, Romantic At Night.

Bali is widely known by the citizens of the world as an island of paradise. We can find a lot of beautiful and fascinating places on this island of the Gods. The exotic Balangan Beach is one of them. The 500-meter white sandy beach, with a direct view of the Indian Ocean, can be a fun surfing spot during the day while turns into a romantic place at night.

Balangan Beach

Located in the southern part of Bali Island, on the Uluwatu Peninsula, Balangan Beach is already well known among surfers as one of the best surfing spots, because the waves on this beach are indeed high and big. No wonder that many surfers from all over the world come to try the waves. But bear in mind that the waves are quite fierce that only professional surfers should play on this beach. However, you need to use extra caution when surfing or swimming in this area, because no coast guard is in charge of overseeing this place.

Not only fun for sports enthusiasts, but Balangan Beach is also suitable for those who are looking for a place to relax. From the shoreline, you can see an amazing panorama of the vast blue ocean that blends in with the golden sand. Some facilities that support this tourism objects are also available in the coastal area. For example, you can rent a lounger to rest while sunbathing on the beach. There are also a number of cafes with various menus managed by the local community for the visitors. In addition, visitors can also watch the beautiful sunset while enjoying the warm breeze in the evening. For you, photography lovers, surely there are a lot of photo spots that you can explore from many different angles.

Are you ready to travel to the Island of the Gods?. Let’s book your ticket now and feel the beauty of Balangan Beach!. To make your vacation more exciting, invite your family or loved ones to join your vacation. And keep in mind, wherever you are, don't forget to keep the environment clean.