Barong Ngunya: The Sacred Tradition To Prevent Bad Luck From Serokadan Village

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  • Desa Pakraman Banjar Serokadan, Kecamatan Susut


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Barong Ngunya: The Sacred Tradition To Prevent Bad Luck From Serokadan Village.

Ancestral cultural heritage in the form of diversity of traditions and customs should be preserved from generation to generation. Indonesia is rich in culture, so many traditions and cultures can be learned and maintained. In Bali itself, there are many traditions that you can learn. In ancient times, a lot of rituals performed by ancestors before doing something. Because the ancestors believe that if the ritual is held, the celebration will be held can get blessings from the Creator.

The Barong Ngunya Ritual

The Barong Ngunya or Ngelawang Agung tradition is inseparable from the life of the Krama Adat community in the Pakraman village of Banjar Serokadan, Susut, Bangli Regency. This is a tradition that has been handed down since ancient times during the Kuningan day. The purpose of this tradition is to clean the environment of negative energies. If Gianyar has the tradition of Ngelawang Barong Bangkung, then Bangli has Barong Ngunya as an ancestral heritage.

The Barong Ngunya tradition is the Ngelawang tradition or the ritual of rejecting reinforcements during Kuningan. Although Ngelawang is usually done everyday by the Balinese people, but during the big day, Ngelawang Agung is believed to have more magical power. Because the village duwe or barong in the village temple were sacred and then paraded around Serokadan Village. The amount of barong is eight. These barongs distinguish the Ngunya tradition in Serokadan Village from other villages. Namely, Ratu Lingsir, Ratu Gede Anom, Ratu Mas, Ratu Gede Tameng, Ratu Gede Alit. Barong Ratu Lingsir is the oldest village barong owned by Banjar Village. The age is believed to have reached thousands of years. Therefore, this barong is believed to have great magical power that is able to ward off the distress that will befall the village.

The people of Serokadan Village usually hold this tradition at 1:00 pm until the afternoon. Even so, it's they can do it until midnight, because sometimes, the series of events takes time. The procession began with a ceremony attended by all villagers. After that, proceed by purifying the eight barongs simultaneously. When it's finished, the barong will be paraded by the villagers who are flocking the road behind the barong. During Ngelawang Agung, the barong won’t stop from one house to another to reject reinforcements. But instead, they will be walking to the ends of the village. Uniquely, this is done in accordance with the direction of the wind.

Starting from the village at the north end, the west end, the south end, to the east end. The procession goes to every corner of the village by local residents called Nyatur Desa. After Nyatur Desa is finished, the eight barong are collected in the middle of the village or catus pata to be surrounded by offerings. Well, this is the right time for the residents to gather to greet one another.

Come to Surokadan Village in Bangli during the Kuningan day to witness the Barong Ngunya Tradition. If you ask permission from the local residents, you can also participate in the procession from the beginning to the end. As long as you don't forget to wear appropriate clothes and respect every activity. Because even though it looks like cultural tourism to you, it is an important religious ritual for Hindus in Serokadan Village.