Witnessing The Stunning Sunset At Tanah Lot

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  • Tanah Lot street, Beraban, Kediri, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali


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Witnessing The Stunning Sunset At Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot, one of the tourist attractions in Bali that has never been abandoned by visitors. Both on holiday and weekdays, Tanah Lot remains a favorite destination. Tanah Lot has become one of the mandatory destinations for tourists from various countries. In addition to the location of the temple on the seafront cliff, there are other things you can try in Tanah Lot. For those who have never visited Tanah Lot, check out the following article review!

Tanah Lot

Let's find out, what is Tanah Lot! In Balinese language, Tanah Lot has two meanings: "Tanah" and "Lot". "Tanah" means the same as Indonesian, land. Whereas "Lot" or lod means sea. So Tanah Lot means an island above the sea. Why is it called that?

If you have visited this place, you certainly understand the meaning of the name Tanah Lot. Because you will immediately see a cliff not far from the beach. The cliff has a sacred temple that is often used by Balinese Hindus to conduct religious ceremonies. But if you look carefully, there are more than one temple in Tanah Lot. 

Well, because it is located not far from the beach, then when the sea is high tide, Tanah Lot will look like a temple that seems to float above the sea. If you want to visit the temple on the cliff, you have to come on certain days. Because if it's not being used for ceremonies, then the temple will be closed. Don't forget to bring a cloth to wrap around your waist. In addition, women on their periods are prohibited from entering the temple. 

Tanah Lot is indeed very beautiful. Not only stunning, but the existence of a temple on the cliff also has a sacred impression. Tanah Lot is also the right place to see the sunset. You can enjoy the silhouette of the temple on a cliff, with the background of the sun coming down to the horizon. 

The yellow color of the sun will refract the golden color in the ocean. Especially if the sky is orange and violet, it will definitely make Tanah Lot more charming. Sit on the shore, you can enjoy this atmosphere while listening to the waves. Surely you will feel calm and comfortable. It’s such a right place for your vacation! 

You can get this atmosphere if you come to Tanah Lot on weekdays. Avoid coming on long weekends or holidays, because it will definitely be full of visitors who also want to take a vacation and witness the natural beauty of Bali. 

However, besides having a beautiful sunset view, you will also find a cave on the other side of Tanah Lot. You can enter this cave and meet the holy snake along with its guard. If you believe, you can demand a wish and hold the snake. Then your wish will come true. 

Interested in visiting Tanah Lot? Don't forget to prepare the right time to come here. You can also choose many accommodations around Tanah Lot. Lots of interesting places offered around here. Ranging from affordable prices to star hotels. So be sure you stop by Tanah Lot if you visit Bali!