Enjoying The Melancholy Of Sunset In Cinta Beach At Kedungu, Tabanan

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  • Belalang, Kediri


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Enjoying The Melancholy Of Sunset In Cinta Beach At Kedungu, Tabanan.

Natural events make an impression, including when the sun rises or sets. In the western part of Bali, precisely in Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, you can enjoy a melancholy twilight. The place to enjoy the sunset is known as Cinta Beach.

Cinta Beach is not an unknown place. Along the coast of the Kediri sub-district, there are a number of beaches that are known to be popular, including Tanah Lot. This means that Cinta Beach is one of the spots that range the coast with Tanah Lot.

Interestingly, Cinta Beach tends to have fewer visitors. It's not so crowded so that you can enjoy the twilight of the sunset more.

Cinta Beach is located just east of Kedungu Beach. When passing to Kedungu Beach, after the ticket guard post is Cinta Beach. The slope of the hill is not too steep, designed to be a place to approach to enjoy the afternoon. The land area is not more than 1 hectare. This land was processed into a new tourist area by the local community during the pandemic.

Visitors of Cinta Beach, until now, are residents around Bali. Because restrictions are still in place or you can only travel if you have the requirements, such as have been vaccinated and evidence in the form of a vaccine certificate along with a non-reactive COVID-19 test.

To get to the edge of the beach, visitors need to walk through the rice fields of residents. The location is a bit hidden, but it all pays off when the sun starts to turn red and enjoy it with snacks and fresh drinks.

In order to still get a spot to relax and enjoy the sunset, you need to come brighter. When sliding from southern Bali, it takes approximately 1 hour. Well, considering the pandemic conditions, continue to carry out the health protocols. This must be committed to minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The last, you can enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in June until September in the western region of Bali. Either on the beach or in the open space of nature as hills.