Refresh Your Eyes In Petiga Ornamental Plant Village

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  • Desa Petiga, Kecamatan Marga


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Refresh Your Eyes In Petiga Ornamental Plant Village.

So many tourist attractions in Bali, some of which are very popular and some of them are less well known. Talking about a tourism village, surely most of you already know about Penglipuran Village. However, there is also one other tourist village that is not as popular as the village but has attractive tourism potential. It's called Petiga Village.

This tourism potential began to be echoed because this village had been known as an ornamental plant area for a long time ago. Around the 1990s, the Governor of Bali at that time, Dewa Beratha, began to establish Petiga Village as an agropolitan village of ornamental plants. After that, the local people still try to keep the village beautiful and sustainable. Until now, there are still many local villagers who work as sellers of ornamental plants. So, don't be surprised. When you visit Petiga Village, you will see ornamental plant gardens in most of the people's homes.

In the village, there are three hamlet areas whose inhabitants work as ornamental plant farmers: Petiga Semingan, Petiga Blanban, and Petiga Kangin. These three hamlets are decorated with colorful landscapes and plants and are added with the fresh air of the countryside. No wonder this village has been named a tourism village! Petiga villagers use the front and backyard of the house for their plants. For the back of the house, most villagers use it as a "display window" that can be seen and bought directly by visitors.

Seeing the determination of the local community to preserve customs and the environment, the residents agreed to prohibit the activity of selling land that was village-owned. Land owned by the village, or referred to as ayahan land, is intended for the benefit of all the people in the village. Village communities prove to the citizens of the world that protecting the environment can have a positive impact. In fact, the citizens' economy is also getting better by maintaining their profession as ornamental plant farmers.

Well, for those of you who want to buy some unique souvenirs, you can come to Petiga Village. You can refresh your mind and also buy your own colorful and beautiful ornamental plants. Regarding the price, ornamental plants in this village are cheaper if it’s compared to the price of ornamental plants in other cities. If you want to breathe fresh air, let's immediately come to Petiga Village, located in Tabanan Regency!