Best Place To Shop For Clothes On A Budget

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  • Desa Dauh Peken, Kecamatan Tabanan


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Best Place To Shop For Clothes On A Budget.

While on vacation, buying souvenirs for your family and friends is almost like a necessity. That’s the reason why, as one of the most famous destination in the world, Bali provides a lot of shopping centers for its visitors. Ranging from traditional to modern shop. In Tabanan, for example, you can visit Kodok (frog) Market.

Kodok Market

When you heard the name, you might think that it’s some kind of market that sells frog. Or maybe a market with lots of frog in every corner. But, no. Well, Kodok Market is a clothing store. So, if you want to buy some affordable clothes while you’re in Tabanan, you go there. It could be an alternative place to shop, which is located on Jln. Turi No 35X, Dauh Peken Village, Tabanan District, Tabanan Regency. 

When you enter the area, you will be greeted by hundreds of second handed clothes sellers. You can find various types of children and adult clothes, like T-shirts, shorts, trousers, and even underwear. Not only that, there are also some second handed bags, carpet rugs, and other items sold in the market.

Kodok Market was established in 2001. Since it was first opened, this market has managed to steal the attention of visitors. Especially those who like shopping. Of course, the visitors can buy many items they need for a cheap price. Even though the items are second handed, the quality and conditions are good.

These clothes are imported directly from various countries, such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, and several other countries. The sellers buy the items in a large quantity to be sold in the market. Also, the items are neatly arranged according to the category. So, it will make it easier for you to find the items you need. Usually, the sellers will wash the clothes before selling it in the market. Some clothes even neatly packaged in a plastic bag, just like new.

This market is always crowded by visitors every day. You can come in the morning around 09:00 WITA if you don’t want to be trapped in a sea of humans. The visitors who come to the market are not only consumers, but also sellers from outside Tabanan area. They will buy some items from Kodok Market, and sell it in other places.

Anyway even though the prices are cheap, you still have the opportunity to bargain. So, let’s shop til drop!