Blue Point Beach, The Beauty In Between Two Cliffs

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  • Suluban Street, Pecatu Village, South Kuta


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Blue Point Beach, The Beauty In Between Two Cliffs.

Bali always offers more and more interesting places to visit. Such as Blue Point Beach, one of the best beaches attraction. The beach is always full of tourist from around the world: Canada, Italy, Australia, and many more. Yup, Blue Point Beach is well known as a paradise surfing spot for the surfers with a large and long waves. Almost everyday, if the weather is sunny, there will be beginner and professional surfers who try the waves.

Blue Point Beach

Not only offering a challenging ocean waves, Blue Point Beach also gives the beauty of white sand that is surrounded by towering rock. To enjoy this beach, you should enter through the gap of narrow cliffs which is called “mesulub” by Balinese people. That’s also the reason why the locals named this beach “Suluban” or “Suluban Uluwatu”. But, tourists are more familiar with the name Blue Point Beach, because it’s located not far from a hotel with the same name: Blue Point.

Before entering the narrow cliffs, you have to go down quite long stairs. But, once you put your feet on the bottom of the step, you will be presented with a view in a rock cave. As soon as you pass through the mesulub, the fascinating scenery with the splendid ocean waves will welcome you on this beach. You can do a lot of activities, such as swimming and sun bathing, or you can also take shelter on the cave at the shoreline to enjoy the view of Indian Ocean. At the late afternoon, you can witness the perfect and romantic sunset moment. Certainly, this sunset moment can be perfect for those who like to snap a beautiful panorama photo.

There are some of nearby attraction that is also interesting to visit, such as Padang Padang, Melasti Beach, Uluwatu, Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach, and also GWK. Don’t worry about the accommodation, because there are a lot of hotels and restaurants nearby. If you’re interested to enjoy your vacation in Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach, it is located in Suluban Street, Pecatu Village, South Kuta of Badung. It takes about 31 km from Denpasar, or approx. 1 hour by car.