Breakfast In Kuta Bali With Various Types Of Menus

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  • Kuta, Badung


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Breakfast In Kuta Bali With Various Types Of Menus.

Breakfast is an important thing to do before starting your activities. Especially, when you’re on vacation and away from home. A vacation trip will be even more fun if you also explore the taste of traditional food in your vacation area. Kuta Bali, as a famous tourism place, has some favorite menus for breakfast. Each tourist certainly has a different taste. But, you can try all of it and choose your own favorites!

1. Pancakes

Pancake is a common menu for breakfast in Kuta Bali. For the most part, pancakes are made from flour dough and other ingredients. So if you want a gluten-free breakfast, ask for a pancake menu made from gluten-free flour. You can find a resto that provides a fluffy pancake menu for breakfast is in the Petitenget area, Seminyak. It is located in North Kuta, 600 meters from Petitenget Beach.

In addition to pancakes and other cakes that serve breakfast menus, this place also sells fried rice menus. You can also try an artisan coffee shop like The Fat Turtle which provides non-rice menus.

2. Salad and smoothies 

Breakfast with a refreshing menu might improve your holiday mood. Such as salad dishes and smoothies made from fresh fruits and vegetables along with special dressings. This kind of breakfast can be found around the road to Kuta Beach, less than 1 kilometer from the beach. This restaurant which is located on Jalan Benesari is also one of the places that provide a gluten-free menu.

3. Sandwiches, toasted bread, and coffee latte 

Located in line with the place above. American-style breakfast menu in the form of sandwiches, toasted bread, burgers, and others are available there. In addition, you can also find vegetarian food. If you stay overnight or are in the Kuta Bali area in the morning, then you can enjoy breakfast at this place.

4. Balinese Mixed Rice

Breakfast in Kuta with a typical Balinese menu is, of course, the most special. If you want to welcome your day with special specialties such as Balinese Mixed Rice, then walk to Jalan Pantai Kuta. Balinese mixed rice served with chicken betutu, lawar, and sate lilit. Yulia’s Kitchen restaurant can be one of your taste adventure destinations!

5. Poached eggs and a cup of cappuccino 

Poached eggs menu from the café located on Jalan Nakula, Gang Kresna, Kuta has proven its taste. Your breakfast will be accompanied by a half-cooked egg and a cup of cappuccino. It makes your holiday even more special.

So, have you been chosen your favorite menu for breakfast in Kuta Bali?