Chasing With Waves On Bingin Beach

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  • Bingin Beach Street, Pecatu, South Kuta, Badung


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Chasing With Waves On Bingin Beach.

Not only famous for its sparkling nightlife, but Badung Regency also seems to have perfect waves for surfing. One of them is Bingin Beach. With its charm, this beach has become the target of foreign tourists to surf.

Bingin Beach 

Bingin Beach might still sound unfamiliar to some people. In fact, not all local residents know that this beach exists in Bali. Bingin Beach is located in a remote area behind the hill, so it requires extra energy to get to the beach. To enjoy this hidden beach, you need a struggle. To get to Bingin beach, you have to go down some steps, narrow steep alleys, and winding road.

Although hidden, this charming beach is as interesting as other beaches in Bali. When the sea-water is high, the waves can reach 5 – 8 meters high! Certainly, surfers love this kind of wave. 

Many visitors, both foreign and local tourists, prefer to surf rather than just lay down under the sun. Bingin Beach has the texture of coarse sand and coral rocks scattered on the beach, so it isn’t very comfortable for sunbathing. 

Even so, this stretch of coral is the advantage of Bingin Beach. Because when the sea-water begins to recede, these reefs will form a pond that has a calm current so that they are perfect for swimming. You can take advantage of this situation for a relaxed swim, if you don't want to play with the waves. After surfing or swimming, you can wait for the sunset and watch the exotic and charming sunset views from the beach while sitting on a rock. It was so beautiful that many tourists who deliberately flocked to Bingin Beach to watch this sunset. 

When you feel hungry after swimming or surfing, you can find food stalls along the beach. Various snacks or food, from local specialties to international flavors, you choose! Even though the price is quite expensive, once you see the natural view of this beach, everything will feel priceless. 

It’s quite easy to find accommodations around Bingin Beach. There are already many inns available specifically built for beach visitors. Several lodgings and private villas are available at affordable prices, starting from IDR 150,000 during low season and IDR 250,000 during high season, per night. You only need a 2 minute – 10 minute drive to find some an inn. 

You’d better bring or rent your own vehicle since there’s no public transportation that can take you to the beach. No entrance ticket, but you have to pay IDR 2,000 for a parking fee.