Duck Timbungan: The Typical Lunch Menu In Badung Regency

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Duck Timbungan: The Typical Lunch Menu In Badung Regency.

Traveling is sometimes not always about visiting new tourist attractions, but also tasting the culinary area of ​​origin. Some menu might taste weird, because you have never even tried it before. But, trying new food will make you get more experience.

Delicious Duck Timbungan

Duck Timbungan is the oldest culinary in Bali. Previously, this food was only served during traditional rituals or ceremonies. But gradually, it’s developed into a meal that can be served at any time. The name ‘timbungan’ is taken from Old Javanese. ‘Tim’ means ungkep (cooked with herbs using low heat) and ‘mbung’ means young bamboo. So, timbungan are a way to process dishes made from poultry meat and fish that are put into bamboo and mixed with selected herbs.

To cook a portion of duck timbungan, 40 types of local herbs and spices are needed. The amount of spices and herbs that have a lot of functions removes the rancid smell of duck meat. It’s a strong reason duck timbungan increasingly become a favorite meal. However, the process of making this food is quite time consuming, which is about 12 hours. This long process makes most people reluctant to cook duck timbungan. So that this Balinese menu is rare and hard to find.

Old duck meat needs to be covered with herbs and spices for at least four hours. After that, the duck meat that has been covered will be steamed for eight hours in bamboo using low heat, so that the texture of the meat becomes tender. A long time of steaming can also remove meat fat which becomes natural flavouring, so that the taste becomes more savoury.

Not only the savoury taste, but you can also feel the salty and spicy taste when you eat this food. When the duck meat is cut, you will immediately smell the delicious spices. This aroma will further arouse your appetite. Anyway, it’s a spicy food. The seasoning mixed with the duck meat is very spicy. For those who love spicy food, don’t forget to put duck timbungan on your culinary list while you visit Bali.

You can eat Duck Timbungan with Mengibung Rice, Karangasem's special food. You can taste this culinary at Bebek Timbungan restaurant, Balinese Heritage Cuisine, located on Jln. Sunset Road, Sunset Shopping One Dewaruci Kuta, Badung Regency. For a portion of a duck complete with Mengibung Rice, Urap Vegetables, and Satay Lilit, you have to pay aroundIDR 100,000 to IDR 200,000. The price is fairly normal, because one portion can be enjoyed for two people.

With the presence of Duck Timbungan, it adds to the list of halal cuisine in Bali. You can enjoy it for lunch, especially when your stomach is hungry. You will really enjoy it, believe us. Your vacation in Badung you will definitely be very memorable.