Enjoy The Sunset On ‘Your Private’ Black Sandy Beach

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  • Jalan Yeh Gangga I, Sudimara, Kecamatan Tabanan, Kabupaten Tabanan


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Enjoy The Sunset On ‘Your Private’ Black Sandy Beach.

Bali has a million tourist spots that always offer its own beauty. Each place certainly has different uniqueness that can be an attraction for tourists. Traveling to crowded and popular places, or to quiet and remote places, it’s your choice. Well, if you choose a quiet place as your next destination, maybe the Yeh Gangga beach can be the right choice.

Yeh Gangga Beach 

As mentioned above, the beach that’s located in Tabanan Regency does tend to be quiet and far from the hustle and bustle of humans. So, it is perfect for you who need a maximum privacy. Not only used as a tourist spot, Yeh Gangga beach is also used for the Melasti and Ngaben ceremony. 

Yeh Gangga Beach is also famous for its spectacular sunset charm. Its beauty is not much different from Tanah Lot, but the difference is, this beach is much more quiet. Can you imagine the pleasure of looking at the sunset from this beach? 

Not only sunset, the beauty of nature around the beach can also make your mind refreshed. Uniquely, you won't find a white sandy beach, but a black sands adorned with the blue ocean waves. Which makes it even more special, you can also see rows of floating boats on the west side of the beach. Plus, you can see Batu Bolong Temple from this beach! 

Its popularity is not as famous as Kuta beach and Tanah Lot. However, the Yeh Gangga beach is as beautiful as other famous beaches. Even though this beach is classified as quiet, it doesn’t mean you won’t find any facilities. In there, you can stay in local people’s houses or even stay in 5-star hotels! If you are interested in visiting this beach, it's a good idea to rent a motorbike or car first, because there are no public vehicles that can take you here. So, are you ready to enjoy your 'private beach'?