Exotic Sunset At Kelan Tuban Beach

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  • Jl Segara Madu, Kelan, Tuba, Kuta


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Exotic Sunset At Kelan Tuban Beach.

Seeing the sunset in Bali is one of the activities that everyone has been waiting for. Bali has many choices of interesting spots that can be visited to enjoy the view. Such as hills, rice fields, and beaches. There are some famous beaches that’s often visited be tourists to see the sunset. But in Kelan Tuban Beach, you can find its own unique background that can accompany you to see the sunset.

Sunset at Kelan Tuban Beach

Kelan Tuban Beach is actually still in the same coastline as Kedongan Beach and Jimbaran Beach, namely in Jimbaran Bay. Its location is closer to Ngurah Rai Airport, precisely opposite the airport runaway. So it will be very easy to find this beach. Even if you go to Bali by plane, you can see Kelan Tuban Beach from the air a few minutes before landing.

Kelan Tuban Beach has calm waves, clear blue sea water, and fine white sandy beach. Even so, not so many people come there to swim or do activities in the afternoon. And since its location is near the airport, the beach is a bit noisy with the sound of planes passing by. Less suitable for those who want to find peace.

But by late afternoon, the beach began to be crowded with visitors who want to see the sunset. The view of the afternoon sun is more impressive when seen from Kelan Tuban Beach. Because of the position of this beach in the west of Bali, you can see the sunset panorama clearly, and is uniquely decorated by airplanes.

Not only that, along the shoreline there are many djoekoengs with colorful paint decorations neatly lined up. This neat row of djoekoengs is often used as a background to enhance the photos of visitors. So while waiting for sunset, visitors can also hunt photos.

Along the beach area is lined with a variety of restaurant choices. The main menu offered is seafood which is processed with various seasonings. Not only seafood, there are also processed chicken cooked with local spices to a la western tempting. The price of food offered ranges from IDR 50,000.

So, after watching the beautiful sunset, you can stop by the restaurant to taste the food. Sunset time in Bali starts at 18:14 Wita. If you want to take pictures, come an hour before to get good lighting. If you bring snacks to enjoy while watching the sunset, don't forget to throw your garbage in a trash can!