Exploring A Private "Honeymoon" Beach In Jimbaran

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Exploring A Private "Honeymoon" Beach In Jimbaran.

The Island of the Gods is indeed famous for a variety of natural attractions, especially the beautiful beaches. The beaches in the Nusa Dua or Kuta Beach areas are the target of tourists. However, there are still many beaches in Bali whose beauty exceeds those of popular beaches, but it has not been much explored yet. One of them is Honeymoon Beach.

Actually, not many visitors come to spend their time there. The name Honeymoon Beach isn’t very familiar for tourists. Besides, the journey to the beach is quite challenging. The location of Honeymoon Beach is on Jln. Tegal Wangi, Jimbaran, South Kuta, Badung. The distance is only about 950 meters from Tegal Wangi Beach. In contrast to Tegal Wangi Beach which is immediately visible from the edge of the road when it arrives at Tegal Wangi Segara Temple. You have to walk downhill to arrive at Honeymoon Beach.

There is no signpost, fence, or any markers that lead to the beach. Access road to Honeymoon Beach is 500 meters before Tegal Wangi Beach. After walking 100 meters on a paving block, you can turn right to a slightly sloping dirt road. Then, continue walking about 800 meters to reach the beach location. Even the terrain you have to travel is not good. Many coral rocks that meet the land path. So, you have to be careful when passing through it. Be sure to watch your steps as you walk, so you don't hit a rock. Especially if it's the rainy season. The road became slippery and filled with mud. Therefore, a fit body condition is needed to reach this beach.

Along the way, you will only be accompanied by trees on meet the right and left sides of the road. The trees areso dense, so the atmosphere is almost like a forest. If you are lucky, you will meet some cute cows!

Upon your arrival, all the difficulties to reach this place were immediately forgotten. You can immediately see the expanse of blue sea complete with the sound of the waves. As far as the eye can see, you only witness the exoticism of the sea and surrounded by green hills filled with rocks. Uniquely, besides being filled with corals, this area is also full of cactus. The waves and wind blowing in the Honeymoon Beach area are also quite large. The bursts of sea water is hard enough to hit the coral wall on the edge of the hill.

Meanwhile, to reach the beach you can walk a little while to the north. There, you will find a small dirt road between the bushes leading to a sloping area. Honeymoon Beach has golden white sand beach and can swim as you like. Not only that, you can also see the number of cliffs that form caves.

This honeymoon beach has a panoramic view of nature. Besides some important equipments that must be prepared if you want to visit, you can also prepare a camera to capture every moment in Honeymonn Beach. Don’t forget to also participate in maintaining the cleanliness of the beach so that the beauty and naturalness will be well-maintained.