Expressions Of Love In Balinese Culture

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  • Candikuning, Baturiti


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Expressions Of Love In Balinese Culture.

There are many ways to express feelings, especially love. Bali has a strong culture in all aspects of life. Including culture to express love. How do you express love? Is it giving chocolate, a bucket of flowers, or gifts? Of course, every person or every culture has a different way of expressing their feelings.

The majority of people living on the island of Bali adhere to Hindu beliefs. The beliefs that are lived by large groups of people in Bali affect its culture, even to express love for fellow humans and all parts of the universe. In accordance with the teachings of Hinduism, the atman or soul residing in the human body is the essence of love. The most basic way of expressing love is to love the life.

In carrying out community life on the Island of the Gods, the majority hold on to the Vedas. Inside there is a deep message and a guide in everyday actions. An action that isn’t related to violence is the highest dharmas.

Violence is one of the most shunned things. Both based on Balinese culture and from various other cultural identities. The difference is not a reason to commit violence. Precisely because it's different, it must respect each other. For whatever reason, violence must be avoided. Even though the other party committed violence, it is not justified to respond to violence with violence. Violence people need to be reminded and told which is better.

Apart from dharma or love in action, there are satya, shanti, prema and ahimsa which are done to achieve the highest goal. Satya is love in mind. Shanti as love in feelings and Prema is the basic character to love every creature on Earth.

Based on Bhagawad Gita, Sang Hyang Widi or God Almighty will accept every practice as long as it is based on love and sincerity. Basically, every human being and the whole universe won’t exist without meaning. Every meaning that is formed through love, will get an equal reward for love.

Have you expressed love based on its essence, namely by loving each other and every creature that exists? The question might not be answered through words or answered by giving a luxurious gift. Only actions that show compassion and are expressed sincerely are the answer.

Well, if you take a trip on the Island of the Gods, you will find a full-of-love atmosphere. So, respond to the smile of the local people and respect each of the holy sites and their beliefs. Agree?