Feel The Joy Of Becoming Pinge Custom Village Residents

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  • Desa Adat Pinge, Kecamatan Marga


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Feel The Joy Of Becoming Pinge Custom Village Residents.

Bali Island has everything. Maybe this sentence is the right words to describe the situation of the island. There, you can choose your own type of tour you want. Whether it's natural, modern, historical, or cultural tourism. If you are a fan of Balinese customs and culture, then a visit to a custom village can be your main tourist destination. In this article, you will be taken for a walk through words to one of the traditional villages in Bali, namely Desa Adat Pinge (Pinge Custom Village).

The village is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, precisely in the sub-district of Marga, Tabanan Regency. Its position is around 17 km north of Tabanan City. According to the local community, the word "pinge" has the meaning "white". The village is named Pinge, because it is said to be a long time ago, there was a white Cempaka tree that was very large in size. This tree, is in a temple in a village called Pura Natar Jemeng. Because of that big white Cempaka tree, finally, the Banjar around the temple location was finally given the name Banjar Pinge. 

Pura Natar Jemeng is indeed one of the historic relics in this village. In addition, there is Beji Temple which is located in the rice field area. In the temple, you will feel a very calm atmosphere because it is far from the crowd. So, don't be surprised if you see many visitors who use this temple as a place of meditation. 

In addition to having a calm atmosphere, Pinge Village also has a very charming natural panorama. Most of the village area is indeed used for rice fields. You can even witness the local farmers who are working preparing seeds, planting rice, plowing rice fields, or harvesting rice, and put it in the granary. 

If you are interested in visiting the place, you need to drive around 34 km if departing from Denpasar. You will also spend approximately one and a half hours drive from Ngurah Rai Airport. 

In Pinge Village, you will be welcomed by a panoramic view of beautiful green nature and also interesting activities. In fact, there is also a tracking path through the Pacung and Blaluan subak! Exciting, huh? For the facilities themselves, you can hire a local tour guide and rest in the gazebo while enjoying the rural air. You also have the choice to rent a traditional house if you want to feel the real atmosphere of the village. Now, before you leave, don't forget to keep the environment clean wherever you are!