Challenging Your Guts At The Ogoh-Ogoh Bali Museum

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Challenging Your Guts At The Ogoh-Ogoh Bali Museum.

In Bali, Ogoh-ogoh (a giant puppet in the form of demon) is usually made before Nyepi Day (Silence Day). Therefore, you can't see ogoh-ogoh at any time when you come to Bali. If you want to see ogoh-ogoh with a variety shape and size, you must consider the right time to visit Bali. Usually, tourists intentionally watch ogoh-ogoh parade on Pengerupukan day (one day before Nyepi Day). Balinese people use this ogoh-ogoh as a symbol of repelling all forms of evil in order to purify the natural enviroment from spiritual pollutants during Nyepi Day. 

However, nowadays, you will easily see many ogoh-ogoh in Bali. No need to wait until Nyepi Day to see directly what it looks like. In Badung, there is The Ogoh-ogoh Bali Museum. You can freely see the various forms of ogoh-ogoh that have been made by Balinese people, especially around Badung area.

The founder of this museum is a native Balinese artist, I Ketut Nuada. He worked as a painter around the Taman Ayun Temple complex. The idea to gather various ogoh-ogoh emerged because of the large enthusiasm of tourists towards ogoh-ogoh itself. It is because there are many tourists who visit Bali are curious about ogoh-ogoh and do not know that only on special occasion you can watch ogoh-ogoh that is when approaching Nyepi Day.

I Ketut Nuada managed gathering twenty ogoh-ogoh around Badung. You can see by yourself how the appearance of ogoh-ogoh from up close. According to I Ketut Nuada, making an ogoh-ogoh is a tradition that must be preserved because it combines painting, carving, decoration, dance, and music all together as one. All the ogoh-ogoh in this museum has scary features. So it is not wondering after you visit this place you will be afraid to sleep alone. Moreover, you will find various haunted shapes. The Ogoh-ogoh Bali Museum is located on Ayodya Street. It is one area with the Manusia Yadnya Museum, Badung.

You can come here every day. The museum opens from 09:00 until 18:00 at local time. You better come in the morning to reduce fear because of imagining the ogoh-ogoh all the time. In addition, from here you can visit some other exciting tourist attractions.

But if you really intentionally come to Bali and are really excited to see and enjoy ogoh-ogoh, feel free to spend your time here because you will also be able to capture some interesting images. As a suggestion you have to consider to take the perfect angle because the ogoh-ogoh range in height from 5 to 6 meters here.