Fragrant Aroma Of Flowers In The Blooms Garden That Can Hypnotize Visitors

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  • Banjar Sesetan, Desa Candikuning, Baturiti


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Fragrant Aroma Of Flowers In The Blooms Garden That Can Hypnotize Visitors.

Now you don't need to fly far to Dubai if you want to enjoy a beautiful flower garden like in Dubai Miracle Garden. Because in Bali, there is a beautiful flower garden that is very similar to Miracle Garden, namely The Blooms Garden. This beautiful flower garden is located in the highlands so that the surrounding air is very cool and makes it comfortable.

This popular flower garden apparently just been inaugurated as a tourist attraction around June 2019. No wonder, you will meet many people there. They are also curious and want to see the beautiful treasure trove of flowers in Blooms Garden, both foreign and local tourists. 

The garden is situated in a strategic location, so this also becomes a strong reason why The Blooms Garden is often crowded. The Blooms Garden is located in Banjar Batusesa, Candikuning Village, Tabanan. The trip takes about one and a half hours and travels around 46 km from the center of Tabanan City. In this area, there are also many other attractions such as the Bedugul Botanical Gardens, Ulun Danu Temple, and Lake Beratan. 

  Just like Dubai Miracle Garden, The Blooms Garden is also filled with beautiful flowers arranged in such a way inside the park. So when visiting the garden, you will find lots of interesting spots to take pictures. 

There are about 10 types of flowers that are planted in a 5 hectare-land. Some are derived from the creativity of flower farmers in Bali, some are deliberately imported from abroad. Now, do you believe that there is no need to go far traveling abroad just to see the beautiful flowers? 

The fragrant scent of flowers will accompany your journey around Blooms Garden. But, don't be surprised if you suddenly smell coffee. Yes, besides beautiful and beautiful flowers, there is a vast expanse of coffee plantations. Considering the natural condition of Candikuning Village, which is located at an elevation, this area is the perfect place to grow coffee. You can also directly taste the coffee harvest from the garden in the cafe. 

You can spend around one to two hours exploring The Blooms Garden. Whether you come with friends, partner, family, or alone, it will still be fun.