Get A Tour Around Tabanan On Selabih Beach

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  • Desa Selabih, Kecamatan Selemadeg Barat


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Get A Tour Around Tabanan On Selabih Beach.

Playing on the rice fields, forest, and waterfalls is definitely fun. However, you can do another interesting thing in Tabanan: release your tiredness on Selabih Beach. This beach is located in Tabanan, precisely in the Jembrana-Tabanan border area, about 35 km from downtown Tabanan. If you want to relax on a quiet and calm beach in Tabanan, Selabih can be the perfect option for you.

Selabih Beach

Selabih Beach is located in the border area between Tabanan Regency and Jembrana Regency. Precisely in the Village Selabih, West Selemadeg District. This beach is very easy to access because it’s located on the edge of Jl Raya Denpasar-Gilimanuk. If you depart from the city of Tabanan, your journey takes approximately 46 to 50 minutes. Since the journey takes a long time, be sure to prepare snacks for your lunch during the trip.

Because of its strategic location, this beach is often visited by people. Not for swimming or surfing like most people do when visiting famous beaches in Bali. But just to sit back and enjoy the waves and the sea breeze. Selabih Beach waves are quite large. Since it's hard to conquer, it's no wonder that there are no surfers who want to play with the waves. You can’t swim nor play water because it’s too dangerous. So, it’s a perfect beach to rest and relax.

In the past, Selabih Beach was often hit by abrasion. The impact of Jl Raya Gilimanuk-Denpasar is often damaged due to the waves. Thus, the incident prevented the freight trucks from delivering goods to the city on time. But now, the government has built a wall to keep the waves out. So that abrasion is rarely happened.

The visitors prefer to relax in a gazebo or wall built to withstand abrasion while looking at the blue ocean. Around the beach, there are food and beverage stalls sold at affordable prices. Most stalls sell simple snacks such as noodles, grilled bread and bananas, and coconut ice. You can enjoy the delicious food while looking at the beautiful view of the blue ocean.

You can come in the afternoon, when the air starts to cool and the sun dims. Don't miss the panoramic sunset on this beach. Choose the right spot to look at the sun setting on the horizon. Prepare your best camera to capture this moment. You can also invite local residents to mingle. Let’s come to this beach after having a long journey around Tabanan!