Hiding In The Middle Of The Panoramic Beauty Of Kedungu Tabanan Beach

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  • Banjar Kedungu, Desa Belalang


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Hiding In The Middle Of The Panoramic Beauty Of Kedungu Tabanan Beach.

Almost all corners of Bali have an extraordinary beauty. One of them is Kedungu beach in Tabanan. This tourist spot is very suitable for you who need a peaceful place for holiday. Its location is quite hidden, so that the beautiful natural panorama is still well-maintained. This beach was first known to the public in 1998, according to the Tabanan Regent Decree to support the tourism sector.

In this hidden paradise, you can do various kinds of sports activities, such as swimming and surfing. The beach waves are big but friendly. So, it is very suitable for surfing. Around this black sandy beach, there is a green rice field area, and on one side there is a rocky cliff with green trees on it.

Speaking of surfing, you don't need to be a professional surfer to ride the waves on this beach. Even though it's big, the waves are quite calm, so it's just right for you who are just learning to surf. However, for those who want to swim, you should swim near the beach and not get away too far into the middle of the sea. If you get too far in the middle, you could be swept away by the waves and further away from the beach. So, just keep swimming near the beach!

Or…you don't want to play water this time? You can play kites! The beach winds are quite strong, and the surface of the sand is flat. With this condition, surely the kite you play can fly high in the beautiful blue sky. However, if you just want to relax by sunbathing on the beach or just taking a walk, don't forget to bring a camera! Capture your meaningful moments on Kedungu Beach, it’s a souvenir that must be brought home.

Interested in playing the waves, enjoying the wind, or looking at the beautiful view of Kedungu Beach? You can come to Banjar Kedungu, Belalang Village, Tabanan District, Bali. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, you need one hour driving a car. You don’t need to prepare a lot of money, because you can enter the beach without paying or free of charge. You will only be charged a parking fee of IDR 1,000 for motorbikes and IDR 2,000 for cars. This relatively cheap parking fee is used by local residents to improve the facilities and comfort of this beach.

So far, the facilities around the coast are quite complete. There are shops, restrooms, and changing rooms. But unfortunately, the location of the beach is far from the accommodation places. But, this is not a big problem if you bring a vehicle.

Spending vacation time at Kedungu Beach is fun. You can do various activities while waiting for the orange sunset to be displayed beautifully on the horizon line. Whatever your vacation activities, don’t forget to keep the environment clean, so that the earth will always be smiling and welcome you in the midst of its beautiful nature. Happy holiday!