Hunting Photos With Nature Theme In The Kintamani Pine Forest

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  • Desa Glagah Linggah, Kintamani


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Hunting Photos With Nature Theme In The Kintamani Pine Forest.

Bali offers many interesting photo spots, where almost all angles can be used as a location for taking pictures. One of them is the Kintamani Pine Forest. It might still be unfamiliar among tourists, because this is a new tourist attraction in Bangli. Kintamani Pine Forest is one of the must-visit places. Why? Here’s the answers!.

Kintamani Pine Forest

Exotic and romantic. Those are the impressions that you’ll get while visiting Kintamani Pine Forest. It’s located in Glagah Linggah Village, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency, precisely on the edge of the main highway village Manikliyu-Kintamani. The access road to this forest is fairly easy. You can take the road past Bangkuk Tukad Bridge and then on to Catur Street. From there, you will cross the winding uphill road, before entering the natural area of the Kintamani Pine Forest.

As far as your eyes can see, there are rows of pine trees lined up neatly. The forest is still very natural, without any human intervention. This is the main reason for visitors who’d like to enjoy the Kintamani Pine Forest. Interestingly, even though thick fog often covers this area, no creepy impression at all! You will only find a magnificent natural charm of the pine forest that’s located in the foot region of Mt. Batur.

Kintamani Pine Forest is often used by people of all ages to hunt photos. Since it’s often used as a photo spot, the Kintamani Pine Forest is also known as the Manikliyu Photo Spot, because of its location on Jalan Raya Manikliyu. You can start to hunt photos from Jalan Manikliyu-Kintamani which divides the pine forest. But before taking photos in the middle of the road, you have to pay attention to the traffic conditions. If the traffic is busy, you shouldn't do these photo activities. It’s dangerous and it could interrupt the traffic activities. 

The second area to hunt photos is in the pine forest. You can take some amazing pictures in the middle of the trees, decorated by a light mist. If you’re a natural landscape photographer, the moment forest covered by fog, with sunlight penetrating the gaps between trees, is an ideal time for photo hunting.

You can come to the pine forest from morning to afternoon. But beware! In the afternoon, the road starts to be covered in thick fog so that it will slightly disrupt your journey. Also, rows of pine trees began to be invisible. Also, since the temperature is cold, it's best to wear thick clothes to keep you warm. Don't forget to bring snacks too, because it’s hard to find food stalls in the forest.