Karma Philosophy In Bali: Good Things Will Be Paid With A Sweet Result

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Karma Philosophy In Bali: Good Things Will Be Paid With A Sweet Result.

Bali is not only a tourist attraction for millions of tourists. This beautiful island has a variety of local wisdom that embodies in the daily actions of its people. No wonder that the atmosphere is tight with warmth, friendliness, and wisdom. Karma, is one that has become important in undergoing daily activities.

Karma comes from Sanskrit which means action. Based on Hindu beliefs, an action will leave traces called Karma Vasana. Karma Vasana in the future will be present as Karmapala. The word is composed of two words, karman which means behavior, and the pali word which means action. When the two words are combined, the meaning becomes 'fruit of action'. Karma is understood as the effect it receives when performing certain actions. Philosophically, karma is a law of cause and effect.

In the law of karma, good deeds will bear sweet fruit. While bad deeds will get disastrous. Karma is also considered as a law regulating the dynamics of the life of all beings in the universe. Because of this law, there are also those who are born rich, poor, beautiful, handsome and so forth.

Karma has various forms. But in general, there are 8 types of basic karma, namely as follows:

  1. Mohaniya Karma, about the awareness of dark umbrella, so that it often makes angry, dissolved with worldly pleasures, and less tolerant.
  2. Darsanavaraniya Karma, dismissed the ability of the senses, both the sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste and so forth.
  3. Jnanaravaniya Karma, this karma causes far from knowledge so that the mind is blunted.
  4. Between Karma, this karma prevents doing good and enjoys the fruits of one's own hard work.
  5. Vedaniya Karma, affects emotions, feelings, and thoughts.
  6. Ayusua Karma, deciding where to go between bhur loka, svarga loka or reborn.
  7. The name of Karma, determines what kind of being born in the body of a being and what physical condition.
  8. Gotra Karma, determines fate when born, such as the place, situation and in the family condition. 

To avoid the karma above, it is necessary to give thanks for what is owned and always be a better person. In addition to these two things, in Hindu teaching, it is explained that humans are fully free and responsible for all their actions. The law of karma will work to determine one's destiny based on their actions. If you do good, will get a good result. Otherwise, if you do bad things will experience misery.

The law of karma has been trusted by the Balinese, especially Hindu People. Karma also holds on to daily life. It has become the law of wisdom for the creation of a happy and joyful life.