Langgahan Waterfall: Exciting New Attractions For Off-Road And Water Play In Bangli

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  • Banjar Langgahan Kangin, Desa Langgahan, Kintamani


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Langgahan Waterfall: Exciting New Attractions For Off-Road And Water Play In Bangli.

Bali is already known by tourists from all over the world. But until now, most people still know Bali only through its beach attractions. Yes, the beauty of the beaches on the Island of the Gods doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. Like Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak, and many more. However, what about the waterfall tour?

Langgahan Waterfall 

Bangli is not only famous for Lake Batur or its coffee plantations. But there are also waterfalls that are on the rise today. Namely Langgahan Waterfall. Langgahan Waterfall is located in Banjar Langgahan Kangin, Langgahan Village, Kintamani, Bangli Regency. This waterfall has become one of the attractive natural tourist destinations to visit because it offers a different feel.

If most of the flowing waterfalls that flow from above will fall directly into the natural pool or overwrite the rocks that are below it, not so with the flow of the Langgahan Waterfall. The water flowed swiftly on the sloping cliff in the river valley. There is not only one flow of water but there are four. Even if during the rainy season, the point of this spring can reach five even more. So that the appearance of the waterfall is more beautiful and different from the others. 

Natural conditions around the waterfall are also classified as still natural. So that the beautiful green view that soothes the eyes becomes one of the objects hunted by tourists when visiting Langgahan Waterfall. You won’t feel bored looking at the amazing natural panorama around. For those who like solitude, it’s the perfect place for you. Because the location of the waterfall is quite hidden and away from the crowd. 

It’s quite easy to reach the waterfall. You don't have to go down the steep and winding roads to reach the location. Because you can reach it easily with a motorized vehicle. It can even be accessed by driving a car. 

Unpaved waterfall streets are often used as an off-road terrain for motor cross lovers. If you want to challenge your adrenaline, you can try this sport. After that, you can soak in a cool pool of water. In addition to soaking in the river water flow, tourists can also hunt photos, capture every interesting moment. Langgahan Waterfall is also used by residents as a place for performing melukat or self-cleaning activities. You only need to walk a few tens of meters from the location of the waterfall to find a special shower to do melukat. 

In this area, there are already dressing rooms and food stalls that are managed by the surrounding community. For the entrance fee, you only need to give a sincere donation. So, are your interested to come and visit the place?