Luhur Mekori Temple, A Holy Place In The Wilderness Of Protected Forests

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  • Desa Pujungan, Kecamatan Pupuan


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Luhur Mekori Temple, A Holy Place In The Wilderness Of Protected Forests.

Prosperity can be symbolized by the flow of water sources, the landscape of green forest, and the prayers to make a peace of mind. These things perfectly describe the condition of the Pura Luhur Mekori, in the middle of a protected forest in Tabanan Regency. Do you plan to do a spiritual journey in Bali? Check out this article reviews.

Pura Luhur Mekori is one of the locations to get a spiritual journey that can be your destination. A journey that calms the soul and refreshes the body. In the middle of a forest overgrown with tall trees, this temple stands. It’s believed to be a place to pray for prosperity. From Tabanan, it’s around 37 kilometers away. Whereas from Denpasar, you can spend 1 hour 30 minutes with a distance of 61 kilometers. Luhur Mekori Temple is located in Pujungan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan.

Mekori comes from the kori word which means gate or temple kurung. Based on this word, the temple is named. Another background is the gate stand, flanked by two large bunut trees. Some people believe that someone who has spiritual power can see the gate of the Mekori Pura Luhur made of gold or mas kori.

Based on folklore, a long time ago, there lived a family. A married couple has two children, male and female. On one hot day, the mother went to the forest to look for wood. In the middle of her journey, she lost her wood cutting tool. The sun continues to spin, worried about being trapped in the dark of the forest, the mother swearing an oath. If there is someone who finds the tool, if she is a woman she will becomes her sister. If he’s a man, then she is willing to be his wife. And, from behind the bushes to the cave, there were sharp eyes. Behind his body, he kept the mother's tool. He is a Dragon Wave, who eventually secretly became the mother's husband.

The boy found an egg in the rice barn. This is a chicken egg, he thought. This egg is fried and then placed on a plate. Strangeness began to occur no feeling of suspicion crossed in the slightest, the boy devoured his egg. Not long after, his body experienced an oddity. Scales grow in every part of the body and he turns into a snake, then he is nicknamed Naga Rarik.

Naga Rarik finally learned that his mother had a relationship with Naga Gombang. Then there’s a war between the two of them, Naga Rarik and Naga Gombang. With all his might, Naga Rarik managed to defeat Naga Gombang.

After winning the war, Naga Rarik and his sister Ayu Mas Sari left home. Both are determined to find the Puser Jagad. Arriving at a market, Naga Rarik asked his sister to buy a tape. But while waiting for Ayu Mas Sari, Naga Rarik gets a hint of the place where the Puser Jagad is. He reluctantly left his sister and immediately entered the Sapta Petala. His younger sister, Ayu Mas Sari, then found him after doing a meditation. At the behest of Ida Sang Hyang Widi, an orange Soka flower tree grew in that place. Until now, the tree is still there!

In this holy place, there are a linggih of Ida Ratu Bagus Made Mentang Yuda which is the great name of Naga Rarik. Accompanied by Ayu Mas Sari's palinggih. That’s the reason that this temple became a place for prosperity.