Meditate Under The Shiva Statue In Malen Pujungan Temple

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  • Jl. Gn. Batukaru Desa Pujungan Kecamatan Pupuan


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Meditate Under The Shiva Statue In Malen Pujungan Temple.

Being in the highlands is beneficial to clear your mind. In addition to finding a beautiful scenery, Bali Island has a variety of places to meditate to calm the mind. This island is often said to be a thousand temple island. It’s a fact. Many Hindu temples were established to worship the Gods. Pura Malen is one of the right place for you who want to meditate. According to Jro Mangku, this temple is open to everyone from any religious beliefs.

Meditation is generally done by many people. In general, this calming activity is carried out in an open place with fresh air. Pura Malen, located on the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Besides being a place of worship for Hindus, this temple is also often visited by tourists who want to relax.

Malen Temple is located in Pujungan Village, Pupuan District, Tabanan Regency. From Denpasar, it takes about 90 minutes to get to this temple. While from the city of Tabanan, it’s about 47 kilometers away. The distance between the parking lot and the temple is quite far, which is about 3 kilometers. If you don’t want to walk, you can rent an ojek by paying 15 to 20 thousand rupiah. Along the way from the parking lot to the temple, you will see a landscape of green trees and activities of local residents. Like a person carrying animals’ food, or a group of young people chit-chatting. You will also find several stalls. Well, if you forget to bring lunch you can buy drinks and snacks there.

Once entering the Malen Temple complex, you will see a statue of Rsi Agung. In front of it, stood two soldier statues of Den Bagus Nyoman and Den Bagus Made. Not far from the Pura Malen complex, around 100 meters away, you can enter the Shiva Temple area.

In there, a view of the green slope will refresh your heart. Low temperatures soothe the atmosphere. That’s the place where the statue of Shiva stands tall. In the middle of the temple area, there is the Yoni Linga Statue. On the right side of Shiva, there are the statue of Dewi Parwati carrying a cup of water, the statue of Shiva Buddha Sri Ganesha, and Lembu Nandi. Well, trust us, you have to make Pura Malen and Pura Siwa as one of your destinations to get peace of mind.