Mekotek, A Unique Hereditary Tradition In Bali

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Mekotek, A Unique Hereditary Tradition In Bali.

Bali has a variety of cultures that have been passed down from time to time. At Kuningan holiday, for example. There is a unique tradition called Mekotek, a ceremony to get rid of bad luck. This tradition is originated from Munggu, a small village located in Kecwi Subdistrict, Badung, Bali. Initially, this ceremony was held to welcome the Mengwi Kingdom soldiers who had won against the Blambangan Kingdom in Java. But until now, this tradition has been maintained by the local community.

Mekotek Traditional Ceremony

The Mekotek traditional ceremony uses 2.5-meter wooden sticks. The sticks are then put together to form a pyramid-like shape. Well, the name “Mekotek” came from the sound of "tek, tek, tek" when the wooden sticks collided with each other. Before the procession was held, the participants were obliged to wear traditional clothes. Then, they gathered at Pura Dalem Munggu to do a prayer. After that, the parade began towards the spring in Munggu Village, accompanied by the Beleganjur gamelan. This procession aims to get rid of bad lucks and to protect the people from diseases and calamities.

Almost all residents of Munggu Village participated in the Mekotek tradition. Particularly men aged between 12 and 60 years. They divided themselves into groups of 50 people to form the wooden sticks into pyramid shapes. The most courageous participants in the group climb up the top of the wood and give the command to attack other groups. This tradition certainly has a sacred value, because it is a cultural heritage from the ancestors. Unfortunately, in 1915, Mekotek was banned by the Dutch colonial government, because it was feared could bring up the spirit of rebellion. Uniquely, since the tradition was stopped, there was an outbreak of disease. That is the reason why the ceremony was finally resumed with the same purpose as before: to get rid of bad lucks.

You can visit Munggu Village to witness the Mekotek tradition. Additionally, you can also relax and enjoy your weekend at Munggu Beach, a black sandy beach. Are you interested in coming to Munggu Village to see the uniqueness of its tradition and the black beach?. Let's plan your trip to Bali right away!.