Murals In Canggu, The Creative Expressions Of Tourist Areas

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  • Canggu, Kuta Utara


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Murals In Canggu, The Creative Expressions Of Tourist Areas.

In Bali, you will easily find many works of art. Various forms of art, from music, painting, performance, dance, drama, literature, can be enjoyed. Moreover, you can find art in crowded tourist areas such as Canggu. This art is quite different. Murals are using the medium of the wall as a place for drawing.

Street art doesn’t have strict aesthetic laws. In fact, it is arguably very free and apart from the conventions of aesthetic art. As we know that mural is one form of street art. Some people even consider murals to be non-proprietary works of art. Everyone can use it for self-photographs and so on. However, when you happen to be in Canggu and capture a picture on the wall with the 'spicy' caption, it will actually capture the expression of a critical artist in reading the social situation.

Creative expressions contained in the mural addressed to certain parties or systems indeed seem 'spicy'. Some people might see it as a negative thing. There are also copyrighted works by street artists. It's called the Visual Artist Rights Act. Street artists have the power to prevent others from destroying works. In some corners of the Canggu road, you will see a picture wall. There is a picture of an old Balinese woman holding a smartphone. There is also a picture wall of a small child squatting while playing.

In fact, you can find coffee shops and cafes with street art nuances. The entire wall is filled with the work of local artists. There, you are also free to express yourself in front of the work.

Every year, there are street art events which are participated by world artists. Each year, they also carry out global issues such as environmental, social, and animal welfare. In this event, you can enjoy the works on display or even you can see the diverse skills of artists. You can enjoy the facilities provided at the event. You can draw on the wall provided with the drawing tools provided.

Well, if there isn't a meeting of street artists in Canggu, you can walk around the city to find their work on an ‘unexpected’ wall. Sometimes, some artists might do their job in one of the houses located in a hidden place. Unique right?

Because Canggu is a popular place for tourists, you don't need to worry about getting lost. You can ask the residents around you. Or, you can get acquainted and play with children after they go home from school. If you walk around the city of Canggu, bring your own mineral water to keep hydrated. Enjoy!