Spoil Your Tongue With Lawar Kuwir, The Traditional Balinese Food

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Spoil Your Tongue With Lawar Kuwir, The Traditional Balinese Food.

Balinese food is special. It’s processed with a variety of spice that makes the quality and taste is very distinctive. One of it is Lawar. You can often find this popular traditional food at some major event. If you like to enjoy a plate of warm rice mixed with vegetables, duck or shredded chicken, and satay lilit, go get Lawar Kuwir for your lunch.

Lawar is a Balinese food that doesn't need to be cooked made from a mixture of chopped vegetables. The marinade consists of various spices or called the base genep. Base genep consists of onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, sunken, pepper, candlenut, and others. Coupled with herbs commonly known as salt, brown sugar, and lime leaves.

Balinese special food called Lawar Kuwir is made from vegetables such as long beans, sprouts, and cucumbers. Base genep seasoning is mixed with grated coconut. Then mixed with vegetables that have been washed clean and cut into small pieces. The full dish is served with warm white rice. Sounds delicious, right? Some stalls that sell Lawar Kuwir also serve with shredded chicken betutu. However, Lawar Kuwir is generally served with shredded duck meat.

Lawar Kuwir is indeed delicious. Lawar has a savory and fresh taste because the vegetables aren’t cooked. While kuwir means shredded meat. No need to worry, you can get Kuwir Lawar in every corner of Bali, even in mountainous and coastal areas. The price is one portion also affordable, which is around IDR 12,000.00 to IDR 30,000.00.

Well, this Kuwir Lawar menu is also recommended for those of you who don't consume pork. So, have you planned to order Kuwir Lawar as one of the menus while vacationing on the Island of the Gods? Enjoy your tongue with this Balinese food!