Pucak Tedung Temple, The Crown Of North Badung

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  • Petang Village


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Pucak Tedung Temple, The Crown Of North Badung.

Pucak Tedung Temple is located in the Banjar Kertha area, Petang Village. The location is about 51 km from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and has a height of about 730 meters above the sea level. As with most other temples in Bali, this temple also keeps a historical story.

According to the history, the Hindu priest, Dang Hyang Nirartha, who traveled from Pulaki to East Bali, was resting on the summit of a plateau in the village of Petang. When continuing the trip, his tedung (umbrella) is left in the resting place. The local community said, the tedung he left behind was seen to emit light at night and have magical powers. Therefore, Raja Mengwi ordered the local community to build Pelinggih in the form of Meru Tumpang Tiga, as a tribute to Dang Hyang Nirartha's services. Since then, the place has been called Pura Pucak Tedung.

Pucak Tedung Temple is located on a plateau, so you can see various agricultural and plantation activities carried out by local residents and also some vehicles passing by. Occasionally, a car with an open hood that carries vegetables and fruits from the harvest will also pass.

From the temple courtyard which has an area of 731 square meters, green scenery will be seen clearly. There are no shrouds that surround the temple. The building does look simple and unfinished, but the prayers are never ended. Especially during Hindu holy days, Pucak Tedung Temple will be filled with people who are worshiping.

The temple gate is a typical architecture that looks overgrown with moss. Moss often grows and looks in cold places. Also, these moss add color composition so that it looks beautiful and magnificent. There are 3 temples of Pucak Tedung Temple or a yard. Like other temple structures, the highest and tallest area is called innards. While underneath, there are Central Jaba and Jaba.

In Pucak Tedung Temple, there are various facilities for visitors. Such as an adequate parking area, also clean and well-maintained toilets. There’s also a gazebo to sit around and relax, also food stalls to fill your empty stomach.

The outer area of Pucak Tedung has a very beautiful and cool panoramic view. From this place lay a view of Bali's western and southern parts. It is truly the right place for those of you who like to seek inspiration and meditate in peace.