"Sea Turtle" Satay, Soft And Savory Balinese Food Made From Meat

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  • Depan Lapangan Gelora Trisakti, Legian, Kuta


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"Sea Turtle" Satay, Soft And Savory Balinese Food Made From Meat .

Bali Island has various types of food. Satay, or food that is cooked by baking it on hot coals, is one of them. Satay also has a uniqueness. Before it’s baked, the meat is cut into small pieces and then stabbed with bamboo or lemongrass stick.

Now, talking about satay, "Seat Turtle" satay is one of the unique foods in Bali. Relax, despite the name “Sea Turtle” Satay, turtle meat is not the basic ingredient! Formerly, they used the green turtle meat. But today, to preserve the green turtle, and there is a prohibition to kill these rare animals, finally the turtle meat is no longer a main ingredient. The sellers replace it with other meat to support the movement of natural balance.

In general, they use pork in the Sea Turtle Satay menu. However, there are also sellers who use halal meat, such as chicken, goats, cows, and rabbits. So, if you don't eat pork, ask the seller first about the meat ingredients.

The most popular Turtle Satay in Bali is located in front of the Gelora Trisakti Field. This satay is visited by many consumers since lunchtime until late afternoon. So, if you're in Legian, stop by to enjoy this savory and delicious satay.

Although famous for its savory taste, Turtle Satay is only given a simple seasoning! Before being pricked with bamboo, the meat is cut up to one to two finger joints. Then, the meat that has been cut is mixed with salt, then ready to be baked on the coals. Fire coals are usually made from coconut shells, so the aroma can increase the delicious taste of Sea Turtle Satay.

After being baked half cooked, the Sea Turtle Satay is dipped in a Balinese condiment recipe. After that, roast it again until cooked. How does it taste? Based on the comments of consumers, the meat was tender. This is because they choose high-fat meat for the ingredients.

The price of one portion of Sea Turtle Satay is IDR 20,000. Each portion consists of six skewers, rice cake, and sliced ​​chili. Well, if you don't like spicy food, you can order one portion of Sea Turtle Satay without chili.

Sea Turtle satay is best eaten during lunch, because it has high nutrition and fiber. Plus, rice cake slices that contain carbohydrates will make you more energized until the afternoon. As mentioned above, there are a number of Sea Turtle Satay stalls in Bali that provide halal and non-halal meat. Enjoy!