Sharing Happiness At Green Bowl Beach

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  • Desa Ungasan, Kecamatan Kuta Selatan, Badung


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Sharing Happiness At Green Bowl Beach.

A pleasant trip is determined by where you go and with whom you share happiness. Of course it will be very nice if you travel to an island full of surprises like Bali. Like to Green Bowl Beach, for example.

Green Bowl Beach is located not far from Pandawa Beach. Precisely located on the hill dipping Ungasan Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency. This swoop hill is also the origin of the name of the beach. The appearance of this hill is a green hill overgrown with curved shrubs like a bowl. Because the beach is right under a prone bowl, so it's called the Green Bowl Beach. To enter the beach tourism area, visitors do not need to pay for a ticket. It's just that you need to pay a parking fee of 5,000 rupiah. Well, once you enter this area, you have to go down three hundred steps to reach the stretch of beach. 

After going down the stairs that take 15 to 30 minutes, you will be amazed by the white sand. Even though the sand isn't soft, but it will be the best view to be captured in a photo. In the afternoon, the waves of seawater are not too high. So, adjust your traveling time to get the best moment. 

Around the beach, there are cliffs and shrubs, sea coral overgrown with moss, and some monkeys that will come to visit. You can even make friends with these cute monkeys by giving them snacks. In addition, also bring change clothes if you are interested in playing seawater. During low tide, you will see coral and all kinds of ecosystems. Like small fish, crabs, and moss. 

The Green Bowl Beach was once called Hidden Beach or Bali Cliff Beach. Currently known as Green Bowl Beach, it can be an option to share happiness together. The beach area is not too wide, so it allows every tourist to share stories. With whom will you share happiness at the Green Bowl Beach? Enjoy the journey of your story and never leave anything except footsteps.