Soaking In The Penikit Waterfall Pool In The Middle Of A Beautiful Forest

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  • Banjar Penikit, Desa Sidan, Kecamatan Petang


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Soaking In The Penikit Waterfall Pool In The Middle Of A Beautiful Forest.

Bali has a lot of hidden paradises that you can explore. Vacation in Bali while exploring tourist attractions that have not been touched is very exciting. One hidden paradise that you can explore in Bali is in Badung, it’s called Penikit Waterfall. This unspoiled waterfall can be a choice of attractions for you to visit. Especially for those of you who like new things. Let’s get to know more about Penikit Falls before you visit.

Penikit Waterfall 

The name Penikit Waterfall may still be unfamiliar to your ears. Although still unfamiliar to hear, the beauty of the waterfall is very fitting to be visited by tourists who want to feel a comfortable atmosphere. This waterfall is located in Banjar Penikit, Belok / Sidan Village, Petang District, Badung Regency. If you drive from the center of Badung City, it approximately takes 1 hour 20 minutes with a distance of 46.5 km.

Penikit Waterfall offers a special view. The size of Penikit Waterfall is indeed not too big. The height is not more than 5 meters. But the water flow is quite heavy. The swift flow of water makes this waterfall look so beautiful. Moreover, if you visit during the rainy season, you could see the dew of water in the air coming from the splash of the waterfall. 

At the bottom of the waterfall, there is a very large natural water pool with several large rocks at the edge. You can choose to swim as much as you want in the mini pool. But you have to be more careful and make sure you can swim well. Because the size of the pool is quite deep. When the pool water touches your skin, the freshness immediately spreads throughout your body. 

Around the waterfall, there is a view of dense green trees. Green trees provide a truly soothing atmosphere. The existence of these trees is a source of fresh air for tourists. So while playing water, your eyes will be spoiled with green trees and also hear the entertainment of natural music in the form of birds chirping and friction leaves. 

Besides playing water, there are several spots that are often used for taking pictures. In the first location, you can choose the field area in front of the waterfall pool. By taking a picture there, you can take a frame with a waterfall background. In addition, you can also choose to take pictures in the lodge around the waterfall. Your photo results will be so interesting. 

With its beautiful views and charming waterfalls, this place seems to promise you peace. For those of you who need a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the urban atmosphere, Penikit Waterfall can be a perfect place for you. It’s fun to visit the waterfall, whether you go alone, with friends, or with family.