Soka Beach: The Hiddden Beauty In Tabanan

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  • Jl. Raya Denpasar - Gilimanuk, Antap, Selemadeg, Kabupaten Tabanan, Bali 82162


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Soka Beach: The Hiddden Beauty In Tabanan.

Tabanan has been known as the granary of Bali, apparently, only couple of tourists know that Tabanan features many beautiful beaches too. The black sand beach in Tabanan offers a charming panorama and several exciting activities to do besides relaxing. The location of the beaches in Tabanan is mostly in the Southern area. So, it tends to have strong waves and perfect for surfing. But before preparing your surfing kit, check out the following review first!

The uniqueness of Soka Beach

Some black sand beaches in Tabanan are mainly facing each other. Making it easier for tourists to visit several locations at once. One of them is Soka Beach. The black sand beach is the right place to see the sunset in Tabanan. The location of Soka Beach is located on the Denpasar-Gilimanuk highway, Antap, Selemadeg Sub-district.

Go to the west of Soka Beach, there is a coconut plantation that stretches towards the beach. Really brings some tropical vibes to this place. On the other side of the beach, you can even see Banyuwangi mainland from a distance. Whereas, to the east of Soka Beach lies Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru. Similar to some beaches in Tabanan, Soka Beach is also directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. 

No entrance ticket is needed to visit this beach. Visitors can come at any time they want. Located on the edge of a highway, visitors can easily find Soka Beach. This beach is also often used by Hindus as a place of cleansing and purification when Melasti Ceremony. So, sometimes, offerings from the previous ceremony are usually found on the beach. 

Well, Many exciting sites can be noticed near the area, on one corner of the beach, you can find a unique reef in the form of a traditional Balinese kitchen. Local residents believe that this is a heritage of Kebo Iwa. According to them, Kebo Iwa is a powerful young man who usually eats in large quantities. Therefore, he created a big kitchen on the beach. Residents call this place Bungut Paon, which means kitchen. In addition, there are rocks in which surrounded by sand and seawater, measuring about 3 meters. People call it Payuk Kebo Iwa. Payuk means pot that belongs to him as well. 

A stunning sunset views making visitors keep coming to this beach because the landscape on Soka Beach is no less interesting than Double Six Beach and Tanah Lot. The best spot to see the sunset on Soka Beach is at the top of a rock cliff close to Luhur Serijong Temple. Its form is similar to the temples in Tanah Lot. 

Soka Beach is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. That makes you have to be careful if you want to go swimming. Playing beach volleyball or soccer is highly recommended here. Other fun activities are catch shrimp that often hide between corals or can also enter the cave on the cliffside to the east, named Gua Bulung Daya. This cave is home to thousands of bird.