Studying Hindu Culture At The Yadnya Museum

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  • Kompleks Pura Mengwi Taman Ayun, Jln. Ayodya, Desa Mengwi, Badung


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Studying Hindu Culture At The Yadnya Museum.

In addition to the charming natural scenery possessed by the Island of the Gods, Hinduism, and Culture of Bali also become one of the magnets for tourists to come to visit. They did not hesitate to come from outside the island to witness various traditional ceremonies. However, not all ceremonies are held at any time. Well, if you want to see some rituals and ceremonies, you can come to the Yadnya Museum.

Yadnya Museum 

Yadnya Museum is one place you must visit if you are interested in exploring various traditional rituals of Balinese life. This museum is an invaluable source of insight about the intricacies of rituals carried out by the Balinese people. The museum, which was founded in 1974, was originally named the Manusa Yadnya Museum. After the renovation, the name changed to Yadnya Museum.

In this museum, you can see various tools used by Hindu-Balinese people in carrying out religious ceremonies called Panca Yadnya. The five Yadnya are sacred offerings to Ida Sang Hyang Widi Wasa through five spiritual dimensions. The first is the Yadnya Dewa ceremony, which is a holy offering to the gods. Bhuta Yadnya is a gift for nature, Manusa Yadnya is an offering to humans, Pitra Yadnya is to humans who have died, and Resi Yadnya is an offering for the Hindu saints. 

The museum collection is on display in two locations, namely in the southern and middle of the museum area. In the south, which is the front of the building, is a collection of giant ogoh-ogoh that are commonly used in the rituals of Bhuta Yadnya. In addition, there is also an amphitheater stage here. Meanwhile, in the middle, it becomes a place to display collections for the Manusa Yadnya ritual tools. The Manusa Yadnya ritual that is carried out is closely related to the improvement of the good that exists in human beings. Included in this ritual is a series of stages through which a human passes through his life, from pregnancy, birth, puberty, before maturity, to death. 

At the Yadnya Museum, you can get an overview of the implementation of these rituals, along with the meaning. Various tools related to the series of rituals are arranged in sequence according to the flow of human life. You can visit this museum on Jln. Ayodya, Mengwi Village, Badung Regency. The location is in the western part of the Taman Ayun Temple Mengwi Complex. You can visit it every day, except on Nyepi Day.