Sunbathing Accompanied By The Waves On The Jerman Beach

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  • Jalan Wana Segara, Desa Adat Tuban, Kecamatan Kuta


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Sunbathing Accompanied By The Waves On The Jerman Beach.

Vacation time is around the corner. It's time to plan a dream vacation for yourself, with friends, or family. Then, where is the right place to visit? If you choose a relaxing theme for your vacation, but also want to stay in the middle of the city, then the Jerman Beach in Bali must be on your visit list.

Jerman Beach 

Although carrying the name of one of the countries in Europe, this beach does not necessarily exist in Germany. There is a history behind the name of this beach. Previously, around 1827 during the Dutch administration, this beach was made as Kuta Harbor. Traders from outside the island of Bali sailed from their places of origin, carrying merchandise, and then docked here to carry out trading activities. Because it became one of the places for economic development on the island of Bali, the Port of Kuta was considered important at that time. Unfortunately due to the effect of abrasion, the port has gradually been damaged and lost by the waves.

After the port disappeared, soon this area was visited by many foreigners from Germany. It was so crowded by the tourists, then a special housing for German citizens in the coastal region was built. So by the local residents, this beach is called Jerman Beach. But unfortunately, due to the ferocious waves and the lack of public knowledge at that time about how to overcome abrasion, the housing was also slowly vanquished by the waves as well. 

Over time, the waves at this beach began to calm down. The residents often come to the beach to fish. Local fishermen sailed out to sea from the Jerman beach. So it's no wonder that you will see lots of fishing boats, both on the beach and in the waters of the German Coast. 

Not so many visitors come to the Jerman beach. Even though it's on the same coastline as Kuta Beach, but the atmosphere is really different. The Jerman beach provides a quiet atmosphere that can make you feel calm. Plus the swish of the waves is rolling softly, as if able to pacify your heart only by hearing it. This beach is perfect for sunbathing because the texture of the white sand beach is very smooth. The waves also aren’t too big, so it’s suitable for swimming. The fishing boats that are scattered along the coast make this place becomes a very instagramable photo spot. The size of the Jerman beach is quite wide, so invite your travel buddy or family to play soccer or beach volleyball. 

To enter the beach area, you won’t be charged an entrance fee. However, the facilities presented are quite complete like many stalls along the beach. In addition, there are also benches and beach umbrellas that can be used to sit while enjoying the exotic beach. 

The Jerman beach is located on Jalan Wana Segara, Adat Tuban Village, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. The way to the German coast is very easy. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, you only need to drive for 10-15 minutes. After arriving at the parking lot, you need to walk far enough to get to the beach. So, don't forget to bring a bottle of water so that you stay hydrated during your trip.