The Perfect Escapism On Echo Beach

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  • Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali


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The Perfect Escapism On Echo Beach.

Visiting Bali and enjoying all the natural beauty can make you amazed. Like in Badung, there’s a perfect beach to be your next holiday destination. The waves, the breeze, and the calm nature will make your vacation very memorable. Moreover, you can enjoy the star-studded sky at night. Accompanied by the sound of waves sweeping the shore.

Echo Beach 

Well, to enjoy this perfect atmosphere, you can go to Echo Beach. You can enjoy holidays comfortably and calmly. Imagine, you are in a beach chair, or just sit on the sand on a wide stretch of beach cloth, accompanied by fresh young coconut water. It's also possible to add snacks or maybe roasted bananas.

Then looking at the awesome blue sea, and the waves that race to get to the beach. The typical salty air of the beach will greet your skin. Plus the wind that sweeps your hair and makes you more relaxed. Not only get a warm welcome from nature, but you can also find so many facilities on this beach. You can rent diving or snorkeling equipment, or you go to one of the restaurants along the beach and enjoy the sunset from there. 
Anyway, Echo Beach’s real name is Batu Mejan Beach. But since its location is near a restaurant called Echo Beach Club, many tourists call the beach the same name as the restaurant. 

To get to Echo Beach, you just have to drive to Jl. Batu Mejan, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung regency. Fun, you can also visit several other beaches around here. Because of its long coastline and sloping contours, this beach is recommended for those of you who have a relaxing vacation destination. Even suitable for you to enjoy with your partner because the atmosphere of the beach here is quite romantic. 

Well, if you visit Echo Beach, don't forget to always keep it clean. On this beach, regular cleaning activities are carried out by the surfing community. So, let’s together we take care of the environment! 
Around Echo Beach, you can also find many inns and beachside cafes. Also, remember to wear eco-sunblock to protect your skin during the vacation on Echo beach!