Take A Peek At The Becak Collection At The Becak Indonesia Museum

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  • Jln. Mertanadi Kompleks Pertokoan Sunset Paradise, no 169 Kuta, Badung


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Take A Peek At The Becak Collection At The Becak Indonesia Museum.

The attraction of the island of Bali, of course, lies not only in its natural beauty. You can explore many unique places in every corner of Bali. In Badung Regency, for example. Classified as a tourist center in Bali, the Becak (Pedicab) Indonesia Museum is one of the attractions for foreign and local tourists in Badung. You can also include this museum in your "To Go List" when you go to Badung.

The Becak Indonesia Museum 

You might already be familiar with museums that display ancient to art objects. However, what about the museum that exhibits transportation equipment, especially becak? Surely this is the first time you hear it, right? The Indonesian Becak Museum in Kuta is the first and only becak museum in Indonesia. Because it’s only one and unique, this museum also received a number of awards.

Becak is a traditional three-wheeled mode of transportation driven by a human. This mode of transportation is developing in urban and rural areas in Indonesia, especially in regions with flat geographical conditions. In the past, the existence of becak was very loved by the community. But over time, this pedicab slowly began to be replaced by modern transportation. Well, seeing this situation, museum management was moved to establish a becak museum. So that becak can still be seen later by the next generation. 

The size of this museum is not very large. Just take a little corner in a famous hotel in the Kuta area. There are about 14 becak collections taken from provinces in Indonesia displayed in this museum. There are becak from Makassar, Surabaya, Pekalongan, Ambon, Semarang, Yogyakarta, SMK in Yogyakarta, and becak for children. This museum not only displays becak, but also tells the story of its drivers who work with all the risks to take each passenger to their destination. 

You can visit the Indonesian Becak Museum on Jln. Mertanadi Sunset Paradise Shopping Complex, no. 169 Kuta, Badung Regency. This museum is suitable to be visited by anyone who has never known a becak or pedicab before.