The Famous Spicy Rice In Bali, Dare To Try?

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  • Jalan Raya Kuta, Kuta


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The Famous Spicy Rice In Bali, Dare To Try?.

One of the special culinary of the Island of the Gods that you must try when visiting is spicy rice. Spicy rice looks like mixed rice. However, spicy rice is more dominated by vegetables. Also, the spicy chili sauce will definitely “kick” your tongue! Since the buyers are increasing from time to time, the spicy rice stalls start to open in some areas in Bali. Here are the references.

1. Warung Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika 

For culinary lovers, the name of Warung Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika is certainly familiar. Yep, this is the first spicy rice stall in Bali! There are many kinds of side dishes in this shop such as shredded chicken, fried chicken, crispy fried fish, lawar vegetables, cassava leaf vegetables, and pumpkin vegetables. Everything is displayed on a glass window. So you can freely choose the food. One of the most popular menus from Warung Bu Andika is a dry fried chicken skin with crispy textured. You can enjoy the crispy chicken skin with super spicy chili and other additional menus. The delicious taste will be hard to forget! But be careful, it's so spicy. Your sweat will wet your body. If you don't like spicy food, you can request to take the chili out. So you can enjoy a plate of rice with only side dishes. The stall building is quite simple and small, decorated with wooden tables and chairs. However, this place is always crowded with visitors. The price of one portion starts from IDR 20,000 depending on what type of side dishes you choose. You can visit the Warung Andika shop anytime because the shop is open 24 hours. There are 3 branches of Warung Nasi Pedas Bu Andika, namely in Jln Patih Jelantik, Jalan Raya Kuta, and Jl Blambangan, Badung.

2. Nasi Pedas Bu Hanif 

For those of you who don't really like spicy food but are still curious about the distinctive taste of spicy rice, you can taste the spicy rice at Warung Bu Hanif. The spicy chili paste in this stall is still acceptable to the tongue. Mainstay menus hunted by visitors at Warung Bu Hanif are seafood menus such as fried shrimp, fried fish, anchovies, anchovies, and soy sauce. There is also a beef and chicken menu if you are allergic to seafood. The combination of savory side dishes and tempting chili taste will melt perfectly on your tongue. One serving of spicy rice might not be enough. The price of one portion of spicy rice at Warung Bu Hanif is cheaper. Starting from IDR 15,000 for the seafood menu, and IDR 18,000 for the chicken and beef menu. No wonder this shop is never empty of visitors. Do you like the atmosphere of a lesehan stall?

Then Bu Hanif's stall is suitable for you. This shop is located on the storefront of Jln. Raya Kuta and Jln. Raya Glogor Carik No 6. Warung Bu Hanif is open from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Close your day with a spicy rice culinary tour at Warung Bu Hanif. Surely your holiday feels more complete if you have tasted this special food.

Warning! Make sure your stomach is in good health if you want to taste the spicy rice culinary. So that your vacation is not interrupted by digestive problems. In addition, provide a glass of milk to neutralize the spicy taste on the tongue and stomach.