The Harmony Of Cultural Diversity In Bali, Manifested In Tolerance Of ‘Nyama Selam’

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  • Kampung Kecicang, Desa Bungaya Kangin, Kecamatan Bebandem


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The Harmony Of Cultural Diversity In Bali, Manifested In Tolerance Of ‘Nyama Selam’.

A social society is heterogeneous. The harmony of cultural diversity in society manifests itself in the form of mutual tolerance. In Bali, Nyama Selam is a term for Muslims. Nyama in Balinese means saudara (brothers), while Selam means Islam. So, those two words can be interpreted as Muslim Brother. In its history, Muslims were invited by Balinese kings to fill various roles.

At first, Nyama Selam was Javanese, Bugis, Sasak, and Malay people who moved to Bali. This is where cultural harmony is formed, Nyama Selam mingles with the indigenous people of Bali. And conversely, the indigenous people of Bali have a good relationship with a form of mutual tolerance.

Some activities that reflect the harmony of cultural diversity are carried out in Bali. The process of adjustment, equal dialogue, and tolerance become a daily habit. Like in the Petik Laut ceremony. This ceremony was held in West Bali. In this area, many residents work as fishermen. Well, at certain times, fishermen go out to the middle of the ocean to look for fish. In this activity, the brotherhood is well established.

Other cultural activities carried out during the big day. The ngejot tradition is carried out by bringing food to the neighbors as a form of friendship conducted by Nyama Selam and Nyama Bali. Nyama Bali is a call to Hindus in Bali. At the time of Eid, Pegayaman Dive Nyama was held. Well, the implementation is quite sequential. Namely from Penapean, Penyajaan, Penampahan Lebaran, Lebaran, and Umanis Lebaran. Whereas, when the sacred ritual of Usaba Dangsil is held in Bungaya Village, Karangasem, support will be given.

Nyama Selam lives in several areas in Bali. Such as in Loloan Village, Jembrana Regency, Kecicang in Karangasem Regency, Pegayaman in Buleleng Regency, Yeh Sumbul, Kepaon, Java Village, Nyuling Village, and several other places.

In the expression of art, an intermingling of people with various backgrounds also includes religion. The common thinking as 'Kawul Gusti' and using the local language for personal purposes is a form of integration.

Bali not only has a beautiful stretch of nature. Cultured communities make beaches, mountains, forests and waterfalls look more charming. Keeping each other's good relations with humans and protecting nature is one kind of priceless beauty. You will feel how beautiful it is when you come to Bali. So whenever you’re in Bali or in any other place, you also have to maintain tolerance. Be polite and keep the environment clean.