The Heroic Story Of The Brave White Ape, Hanuman

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  • Pura Uluwatu, Kuta Selatan


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The Heroic Story Of The Brave White Ape, Hanuman.

Most of you might already know Hanuman. Yes, Hanuman is a God in Hindu beliefs. Hanuman is one of the famous protagonists. His figure is described as a white ape and is the son of Anjani and Batara Bayu.

Hanuman is known as the monkey king who is also the guardian of humans from evil spirits. He has an important role in the story because Hanuman is one of the brave characters who protect Rama and Shinta. Hanuman also has extraordinary magic power. He was also described as being able to speak like humans, even though he resembled a white ape.

In the Ramayana story, Hanuman plays a role in helping Rama to free Dewi Shinta who was being held in Argasoka Park. Secretly, Hanuman became the conveyor of Rama's message to Dewi Shinta by infiltrating the Alengka Kingdom. After delivering the message, Hanuman damaged the kingdom owned by Prabu Dasamuka. Furious as a result of his kingdom being damaged, Prabu Dasamuka was then planning to capture Hanuman.

Hanuman was finally caught and burned alive. But apparently, a fire could increase the power of Hanuman. He then escaped and set fire to the Alengka Kingdom. After that, Shinta was finally freed and returned to the arms of Rama.

Well, in the story, Hanuman has indeed become one of the heroes besides Jatayu. He is considered to have a brave character, loyal, alert, have high self-esteem, polite and humble, and has a firm and steadfast attitude. In addition to his unique physical condition, his good personalities are indeed one of the reasons why Hanuman is very well-known among Indonesian people.

Hanuman is also a symbol of strength and courage. He always protects his people from evil spirits or demons, while helping them escape bad luck. His strength is indeed extraordinary. He can cross long distances in a very fast time. While as a child, Hanuman was known as a playful, naughty, and energetic child.

In Bali itself, the Ramayana story is often performed. Usually, you can watch Ramayana dance and theater at Uluwatu Temple. In the performance, Hanuman often gave surprises to the audience. In the middle of the performance, Hanuman will emerge from behind the wall by climbing to show his heroic action. This action is indeed very entertaining for the audience. Some of them are laughing, and some of them are clapping in admiration. Curious? Check the performance schedule at Uluwatu Temple!