The "Kids Friendly" Restaurants In Bali

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The "Kids Friendly" Restaurants In Bali.

When traveling, finding places to eat for children is sometimes quite challenging. Both the food menu to the atmosphere must be adjusted to the needs of the child. So that they won’t be too fussy when their mood is down. If you are on holiday in Bali, the following list is some recommended places to eat for kids.

1. The Joglo Café

This eating place is arguably a children's paradise. Every Friday night, there is a Friday Night Kids Movie Club program. Visitors can invite their children to relax and watch the big screen in an open space while sitting on a mat or in a bean bag while enjoying snacks. Well, when the children are watching you can wander into the cafe to eat. If you come here in the afternoon, children can take handicraft classes. This cafe also has a large yard and is equipped with various arena games. Enough for your children’s entertainment. The menu is made as interesting as possible to attract the child's appetite. The food presentation is also cute and instagramable. Plus, if you come here at breakfast time, kids can eat for free! Not bad, right? The Joglo Café's location is on Jln. Subak Sari 13 No 8, Tibubeneng, Kuta Utara, Badung. This cafe opens at 08:00 Wita - 22:00 Wita.

2. Love Café

In addition to serving an extraordinary food menu with rice fields view, Cinta Café also presents an exciting playground for children. Let your child play slides. You can watch them while enjoying a cup of coffee or various other delicious dishes. Every Sunday, this cafe holds a variety of fun activities for children. Come in the afternoon at 16:00 Wita to 18:00 Wita and invite your kids to do various exciting and educational activities. This place is located on Jln. Raya Berawa Beach No. 69, Kuta Utara, Badung. The cafe opens at 08:00 Wita - 22:00 Wita.

3. The Cashew Tree

The location is indeed rather remote, which is near Bingin Beach in the village of Pecatu. But this place offers everything you and your children need. The food and drinks offered are all so tempting and colorful. Interestingly, all the menus sold there are healthy dishes. While your child is busy swinging or sliding, you can do relaxation activities such as yoga or meditation. You can also bring your four legged kids (a.k.a. dogs) to play here! It’s situated on Jln. Bingin Ni 9 Beach, Pecatu, Badung. This place is open from 08:00 Wita to 23:00 Wita.

4. Cocoon Restaurant & Beach Club

For kids who like to play water, Cocoon Restaurant and Beach Club is a suitable place. This restaurant is located right next to the swimming pool. Cocoon even holds a special event every Sunday called "Coccon Kids Sunday", where children can learn to make crafts and also swim. Don't worry, there are officers who are watching the children. You just need to sit and relax while enjoying a varied western dining menu, such as pasta, pancakes, and many other delicious foods! The children's menu can also be tried, there is homemade gnocchi or grilled fish. Kids will love it! Interested? Just come to Jln. Double Six No 66, Blue Ocean Boulevard, Seminyak, Badung.

5. Biku

Just like adults, children can also enjoy tea in this place. High tea packages for children are served with a three-tiered tray too, just like for adults. The difference is, children will get a mini-version snack with a delicious cake plus a lot of snacks. If they start to get bored with tea, Biku provides games and coloring books for them. You can also explore the Biku book collection. You might find interesting book to read. The location of this restaurant is on Jln. Petitenget No. 888, Seminyak, Badung.

6. Ice Cream World

What is the most favorite snack for children? Yup ice cream is the answer. If you want to find a place to eat ice cream that is unique and Instagrammable, stop by Ice Cream World. Ice Cream World has a unique interior design. Children must be happy there! Because not only can ice cream snacks, they can play around excitingly. This place is a fusion of ice cream shops and contemporary art galleries. This place isn't only for children, but it’s a fun place for us, adults, too! If you’re an Instagram addict, it’s a must-visit place. You can go to the Ice Cream World on Jln. By Pass Ngurah Rai, No 4, South Denpasar, Denpasar.