The Philosophical Concepts Of Luan Teben In Bali

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The Philosophical Concepts Of Luan Teben In Bali.

The life of the Balinese people is attached to the customs that have existed since ancient times. The customs are handed down by their ancestors and still carried out, even in modern life like today. It can be a ceremonial tradition or it can also be a concept that is applied in everyday life. One of them is the concept of Luan Teben or upstream and downstream.

This concept has been used by Balinese for generations until today. Luan Teben is practiced in certain parts of their daily activities. For example, in every housing construction, Merajan or Sanggah must be located in the Lunan or Kaja position. Likewise, in sleeping position, the head must be in the Lunan or Kaja position.

Luan Teben is closely related to the direction of the compass. Kaja means north, Kelod is south, while Kangin means East, and Kauh is west. But in the Balinese spatial concept, Kaja is also a symbol of the mountain and Kangin is a symbol of the sun. This is based on the concept of the mandala, where the mountain is considered a sacred place where the gods and goddesses live.

The concept of Luan Teben, which is based on the teachings of Hinduism, is indeed very philosophical. Upstream and downstream are two conflicting things. However, everything is placed within the framework of Bhur Bvah Svah, which means all “body” parts of God are the same. In an analogy explanation, the leg is located at the bottom while the head at the top. However, without feet, the activities of the head will be very limited. Well, even so, the head and legs have a different protector. The feet have shoes as a cover, while the head is protected by a hat. Wearing shoes on your head will certainly be the beginning of chaos. Yes, something like that is a simple analogy from the concept of Luan Teben.

There are several phenomena that are believed to be cosmic chaos due to disobeying Luan Teben's rules. Like for example, the cemetery should be located in the Teben area. If there is a village that places a grave area in Luan, there will be a terrible cosmic chaos in the village. Like murder, suicide, and other scary events.

Therefore, the Balinese still apply the Luan Teben concept in their daily lives. So that the harmony between humans and God, humans with nature, and humans with humans, will always be maintained and peace will be created.